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I just wanted to make this video to clear a few things up for those who don't know how to power up the (BMPCC). Any 12V battery will work, in fact they say any 12V-20V battery will fine to power and charge up the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Just two little pieces you can pick up, requires no soldering, and you're pretty much ready to go to connect your BMPCC to most common 12V batteries. Just to make sure you have the correct polarity (positive in / negative out), here's the cable i'm using below.

cheesycam blackmagic pocket cinema battery cable
find-price-button BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera DC Cable

And to simplify things even more, here's a barrel tip adapter used for most common DC battery outputs with clear icons representing Negative / Positive, and requires no soldering.
5.5 2.5 DC Male Plug Tip
find-price-button 5.5x2.5 DC Barrel Tip

Here's a link to those inexpensive 12V CCTV batteries as well.
find-price-button 12V Super battery

These little iPhone clips run under $2 Dollars. Handy for a few things.
iPhone Clip Clamp
find-price-button iPhone SmartPhone Tripod Clips