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Over the past few years there's been a huge variety of Portable Jib (video crane) products. If you're a traveler who needs a lightweight system, then you'll be looking towards one of the carbon fiber models. But instead of just opting in for a simple video jib, the DigiSlider Motorized Portable Carbon Fiber Mini Jib gives users an option for advanced motorized control.

Here's a little video clip that goes over some of the features of the DigiSlider Motorized Portable Carbon Fiber Mini Jib.

With a motor attached, you can perform real time motion for very smooth and consistent speeds, or set the system to move in increments for advanced Timelapse. The motorized option is so fast and easy to install you can switch between manual control and motorized control in just seconds.

digislider motorized jib
Digislider Motorized Portable Carbon Fiber Mini Jib

So if you're in the market for a portable jib, the DigiSlider Motorized Mini Jib might be good option to consider. It's lightweight solid build offers smooth moves, but the design also gives you the option of upgrading to motorized control for more advanced motion control. If you're ready for the motorized option, they are available in a few different packages including a 2-Axis Motorized Kit option. For more information about these products, visit https://DigiSlider.co.uk (here).

Digislider-carbon-jib-crane-tilt-SMS-time-lapse_grande Digislider-carbon-jib-crane-tilt-MX3-video-time-lapse_grande Digislider-carbon-jib-crane-2-axis-pan-tilt-MX3_grande
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The DigiSlider motorized slider Time Lapse Kit is incredibly easy to setup and operate adding an entirely new dimension to what would normally just be a static sequence of images. With a fast shutter speed you can certainly create moving time lapse from just about any motorized slider, but unlike sliders that have a continuous slow crawl, the DigiSlider Time Lapse Kit can be setup for Shoot-Move-Shoot. Here's a quick demo on how that works.

Timelapse is certainly an art form which requires both patience and capturing something interesting. I know my examples were poor, but you can see excellent examples of what the DigiSlider has done over at the DigiSlider Vimeo Page (Click Here).

Night Time Shoot Move Shoot

The DigiSlider Time Lapse Slider Kit is pretty straight forward. There is no software to program or long menus to sift through. Two basic analog dials and a rocker switch control everything from distance of slider travel to intervals between shutter actuations. The parts are minimal and can be either setup or broken down in about a minute.

HDR Time Lapse

The Time Lapse Kit uses a controller for shoot-move-shoot intervals and a slow speed motor. This kit alone does not offer continuous movement for live video capture. If you want to use the slider for continuous movement, they offer a separate controller and a different speed motor. Or check out one of their kits that comes with both functionality.

Macro Time Lapse

Vertical TimeLapse

Of course these kits are only the basic foundation to get you started in motion Time Lapse and you can always upgrade to a more advanced controller and motorized Pan/Tilt head for a full 3 Axis solution. For questions and more information about these products you can contact Digislider at their website (click here).

digislider motorized timelapse video slider kit DS-V_1024x1024 digislider timelapse video slider
find-price-button DigiSlider Motorized Sliders Time Lapse Kit / Continuous Video Slider