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You may have seen a short product review on the DigiSlider Motorized Carbon Fiber Mini Jib, and now DigiSlider is offering up a complete system to one lucky person! Remember the Mini Jib can be used with or without the Motor, and this kit will include the advanced Dynamic Perception MX3 controller.

Digislider Motorized Carbon Fiber Jib Giveaway

The Digislider Motorised Carbon Fibre Jib is a super portable and extendable mini crane. It has a compacted length of 75cm (in bag) and can be extended to 240cm easily with the quick lock system. Perfect for DSLR cameras or any system under 5kg. Has a maximum Radius of 120cm, and a minimum of 50cm from centre to camera platform.

The platform stays level when the jib is moved up and down. If you mount a video tripod head on the front you can get smooth pan and tilt shots without altering the counter balance. Alternatively you can tilt the platform the jib is attached to to get the same effect, but the counter balance will be slightly off as the centre of gravity is shifted.

Made from 6 layered carbon fibre tubes and aircraft grade aluminium connectors for maximum strength and lightness. Only weighs 1.5kg (3.4lbs) and comes in a nice padded 80cm x 10cm x 16cm full length zip bag.

Easy mounting points for tripod with the 1/4" and 3/8" threaded holes. Comes with a bowl head adaptor and quick release plate in a nice compact padded bag.

For more information about the DigiSlider Motorized Carbon Mini Jib Giveaway, visit the contest page.