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Just kidding. I thought I would poke a little fun at Nikon's D3s that's supposedly been available since November of '09. Apparently major retailers have yet to see them in stock and instead display text comments stating Pre-Order, Coming Soon, or Temporarily Unavailable. Sorry Nikon, if you can't get them in, technology is just going to phase it out. End of life is near for that 12 megapixel camera. If Nikon wants to step up their game compared to Canon sales, they will need to start meeting supplier demands. C'mon people, it's like buying an XBOX or Playstation. Companies aren't making money from the units themselves, it's all the accessories you buy afterwards. Sometimes those 'units' are loss leaders. Once Canon is in the hands of buyers, they'll need grips, batteries, flashes, and not to mention Lenses. And we all know once you invest a certain amount of money into one brand, there's no going back.