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When adding a Shoulder Pad to your Camera Rig, you'll often want this to be placed the best possible balanced position. But if you're also trying to add a QR plate to your rig so you can quickly throw it onto a Tripod, this also needs to be in the same placement as your shoulder pad. To solve this dilemma, Cool-Lux has designed a folding Shoulder Rig base called the Shift Baseplate.

At $975, it's a pretty expensive piece of kit, but if you're serious about getting good balance with your Rig both on the shoulder and while on a set of sticks, there's not a whole lot of other similar equipment options. The Cool-Lux Shift Baseplate is available now, check it out over at the Shift Baseplate product page (here).

cool-lux shift baseplate 1cool-lux shift baseplate
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