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Over the years i've attended and recorded several ceremonies (i.e. weddings), live performances (i.e. concerts), and sporting events. In order to get a camera at a more elevated position above the crowds, i've decided on using this inexpensive 12' Tripod.

With an ultra wide lens, you could further exaggerate the appearance of height. When using a GoPro camera's widest setting you could capture large crowds, or easily show off large spaces.

With a camera placed so high, it's important to choose one that can be operated remotely. Most new cameras offer WiFi apps that allow you to see the video feed, start/stop video, and also change camera settings. Cameras like the new GH4, Sony RX100, or GoPro. Without a WiFi App, you could also drop an HDMI cable from the camera down to a remote monitor, and control start/stop with either an infrared, tethered, or wireless shutter remote.

Often found as a 'Laser Tripod', 'Constuction Tripod', 'Contractors Tripod', or 'Elevator (elevation) Tripod', it's an inexpensive way to place a lightweight camera up high. By adding a small remote motorized Pan/Tilt head you could further add an interesting dynamic camera angle.

Unfortunately the 12' foot version that I have is currently out of stock. I'll share the link in case you want to take a look (click here).

12 foot laser tripod elevator tripod contractor construction tripodTPI 12 foot tripod 12 foot laser tripod elevator tripod contractor construction tripod
find-price-button 12 Foot Elevator Aluminum Laser Level Tripod

Otherwise there seems to be a good number of 9' foot (or taller) versions that can be found on eBay (check products here).

find-price-button Contractor Construction Laser Tripods via eBay

Here's that important Panning Base to drop it from a 5/8" to a 1/4"-20.
Laser Level Tripod Panning Base 12 Foot Super Tall Constuction Lase Contractor Tripod
find-price-button Laser Tripod 5/8-11 by 1/4-20 Threaded Female to Male Tripod Adapter

Quick Tip:
This Special Tripod Leveling Adapter Can save you hours and speed up your workflow.