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Just received an email from Cinevate that they have officially announced the availability for pre-order of their unusually different take on DSLR viewfinders - the Cyclops. I don't think in my history i've ever used a Dual Eye viewfinder on a video camera, but it's not like Cinevate to be working on something they didn't think was needed. Who knows, it may change all DSLR view finder design considerations from here on out.

You can get a deeper insight on the complete design and versatility to adapt to full size rigs by checking out the video here: https://www.vimeo.com/14670278. The Cinevate website product page shows that the early birds who might be interested can catch a break for $399, with pricing set to go up soon after. That product page can be found here: Cinevate Cyclops DSLR Viewfinder Product Page