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Big ups to CineGrain for sending out some fun and creative software. I'm trying to find time to install this massive collection of stuff that comes in it's own hard drive. I think this thing is over 100GB of film grain goodness, and this isn't their most extensive package.

Behind The Scenes // CineGrain

Various Film Grain and Artifact scans over RED footage.

About CineGrain:
REAL Film Scans you can add Any Major Film Stock to Your Footage. Works With Editing, Visual Effects, And Coloring Systems. Hundreds Of Film Clips Organized Into 8 Categories For Use Over Any Digital Content. Resolutions up to 4K. Flash Frames, Light Leaks, Lens Flares, Roll Outs, Dirt & Scratches, Head & Tail Leader, Bad Registration, Hand-Crank, Full Gate With Keycode, And Many More Film Artifacts. Colored And Transferred Specifically For Composite Mode “Overlay”. The Highest Quality Film Look and Grain Solution Available. More information at https://CineGrain.com