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I just wanted to do something fun on the website, and give the chance for the readers of this blog something more to look forward to. Sorry i'm no Philip Bloom, or Shane Hurlbut, but in hopes to attract more 'sponsored' contests, i'm going to dig deep into my own pockets and kick off a simple little contest.

First, follow me on Twitter (which most of you already do), and then just Retweet this article. I'll choose one random follower and pay out of my own pocket a $50 dollar Amazon gift card 'EACH WEEK' from now until the end of August. (who knows maybe longer?)

Pretty simple right? One winner every week will be sent an Amazon (US) gift certificate code via email worth $50 US dollars. What are you waiting for? Start Retweet'ing!

Sponsors, if you're interested in giving these fine folks something to smile about during this contest, contact me.