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click image for Large Flexible DSLR tripod

I don't think I need to drop any names, but it's obvious what this product mimics. Thanks to a tip from 'Nick', this is the cheapest version i've seen online. Take note, that this is the 10" version for DSLR's. Original versions of this run approximately $39.95 +, while this Large Flexible Tripod sits in around $11.88 + Free shipping. I've seen flexible tripods like this over at Keeble & Schucat in Palo Alto. It's pretty beefy and hard to bend. This definitely is not a bad deal. I may have to grab a couple for my Canon 580 EX II Speedlights to hang them around doors, ceiling fans, bed posts, etc. Might even come in handy with that new Zoom H1??


Peep the cheap - 10" Flexible Large Tripod for DSLR SLR + Free Shipping

[Thanks Nick]