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[Update] Kit doesn't come with Autopoles. Thanks guys.

Your typical background support comes with two tall stands and a horizontal support bar. Most of us have a set, but there are a few things that can be annoying. For one, the legs on the stand seem to take up extra space. Secondly, when you need to roll the paper up or down, you might have to drop the stands on each side.

Telescoping-ceiling-background-support-rollerBackground Stand

This clamping background support kit might save you from some of those hassles if you're working in a room with a ceiling. By using telescoping auto poles to push up between the ceiling and floor you can practically push your backdrop flush against the wall. There are no legs on auto poles so they'll give you more room to setup your lights on each side, especially when you're trying to move in that boom or hair light.

Chain Roller Background support
Chain rollder support background

When it's time to roll up/down your background, the clamping background support uses a chain roller normally found on wall mounted background support kits. Cons are that you need to have a ceiling to work with this (does not come with Autopoles), so it might be better suited for those who want to setup a quick change backdrop area in a small studio or in your home without drilling into your walls. Available in both single and triple background support clamps (click here).

Three Roller Support Background StandTelescoping-ceiling-background-support-roller
find-price-button Single and Triple Roll Clamping Background Chain Roller Support

Real Auto Poles for a background stand run a pretty penny (click here to find AutoPoles).

They do look pretty similar to telescoping poles found in indoor Bike Racks, and would be interesting to see if the clamps could work.
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