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If you want a long pole to boom a microphone, hold a GoPro 10 feet in the air, or hold an LED light above a subject, you can't beat the simplicity and price a good Painter's Pole from your local hardware store. All you need is a simple adapter to mount to standard 1/4-20 tripod mounts. The SeaPort Digital Painter's Pole Adapter is a solid piece of gear that makes this task easy.

Having the Seaport Digital Painter's Pole Adapter means you can quickly go from a long pole to a short one depending on the mood you're in. I've used adapters like this in the past with 10-15ft Painter Poles and small cameras. Great if you want to get your GoPro HERO4 up high and above the crowds while using the WiFi app to see and control the camera. Use it for Photography Light Painting, or ultimate 'Selfies' I won't judge - that's your prerogative.

In this old video, I place my Canon S100 up 20' Feet in the air using a telescoping Unger Pole. If you have clever ideas on how to use Painter Poles, leave some comments. Oh and if you don't want to look like a budget guy, wrapping it in a fancy textured Carbon Fiber Sticker always helps too.

Endless ideas and fun - find it (here).

find-price-button Seaport Digital Painter's Pole Adapter with 1/4-20 Male Thread