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We've all used various sticks and poles to boom audio [guilty]. If it ain't broken then why fix it right? For those of you who will eventually step up their game and move to some fancier equipment, I was sent this Falcon Carbon Fiber Audio Boom Pole [Thanks Jackson]. I don't have a lot to compare it with in the studio, but it's definitely everything it sets out to be. Super lightweight, sturdy Carbon Fiber, with a standard 5/8th" Microphone Threaded tip. The Falcon Boom pole does not offer an XLR cable run through, but it's hollow to support XLR cable runs with a removable capped end. It's possible to add one, which I will attempt to do this week.


Besides being lightweight, Carbon Fiber serves to absorb more micro vibrations than standard aluminum poles (same reason expensive road bikes will use Carbon forks) so less noise will be transmitted to the microphone. The Carbon on the Falcon looks high quality, and there's very little sagging even when fully extended. Considering other Boom Poles on the market, the Falcon Carbon is at the right price and even a bit cheaper than other popular booms. The Falcon Carbon Fiber Boom poles are available in 9' and 12' lengths, and can be found on the Lux-Cinema eBay store (Click Here)

find-price-button Falcon Carbon Fiber Audio Boom Pole