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After what felt like decades of asking for this product, Metabones finally has released a Canon EF Lens Speedbooster for Micro Four Thirds cameras like the Panasonic GH4. The Canon EF Speed booster will increase maximum aperture by 1 stop and modifies the lens view to 0.71x wider. The adapter can be powered via 5V through a MicroUSB port for the built-in electronics to change aperture values.

Unlike the RedRock Micro LiveLens Adapter which can adapt a Canon EF Lens to MFT Cameras, the aperture value has to be changed 'within the adapter'. The Metabones is a smart adapter that communicates to the lens so that aperture controls can be dialed in right from the camera as if it were using a native MFT lens. Apparently it is shipping now, and you can find out more at the Metabones website (click here).

metabones canon EF to micro four thirdsMicro Four Thirds Canon EF Adapter
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Over the years the Micro Four Thirds system has been heavily advanced by both camera manufacturers and lens manufacturers. It's possible to get more out of certain lenses by using new Focal Reducer, Speed Boosters, or Lens Turbo adapters for manual lenses. There is of course an adapter to mount a Canon EF to an M4/3 body, but it will not allow control of the iris.


If you have your heart set on trying to adapt a Canon EF lens to an MFT M4/3 camera, Raymond Leung writes in and shares his experience with the Canon EF to M4/3 adapter. He's posted a few sample images using this Canon EF to M4/3 adapter with an Olympus camera. You should be able to gauge how well this will work in video mode. You can see some of those results at his blog (found here)

The Canon EF to M/43 adapter can be found via eBay (click here)

Canon EF MFT M43 Lens Turbo Speed Booster Focal Reducer
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