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I've got a few extra cameras lacking some straps right now like the Sony A55 and GH2. Looks like some fancy new camera straps are out and i'm waiting to get my hands on it. This new line of camera straps are being marketed as 'Carry Speed'. Doesn't really show it in the pictures, but I believe this camera strap also comes with a small zippered pocket over the shoulder to hold extra accessories like media cards, and maybe small batteries. The quick release adapter for the strap swivels the camera to keep it from tangling, and the base plate can remain on the camera with support for a tripod mount. Looks like a solid build with dirt cheap 'Buy it Now' prices compared to relevant straps. What's even more kick a$$? If you've got the patience, they've got a few on auction starting at 1 penny + Free Shipping. Can be found online via the link:

find-price-button Carry Speed Rapid Camera Straps w/ Tripod Mount