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C-Pan Arm and Mini C-Pan Arm Product Description
The C-pan arm is a very unique camera guide contraption that mechanically can move a camera in a variety of different paths; straight pan, outward curve, inward curve, horizontally, vertically or at a sloped angle or even forward or backward moves.

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The camera is always set to move with whatever move the arm makes. (i.e if the arm moves in an outward shaped curve, then the camera will stay directed towards the centre of the curve and if the arms are set for a smaller radius curve, then the camera adjusts accordingly to stay pointed at the centre.) Through positioning its arms at different angles to each other, the C-pan arm can be set to move in a virtually infinite number of curves.

When making a straight pan, the arm functions as a traditional straight-track dolly slider, but without the tracks, where it can pan in a range of 3 1/2 times its folded length.

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