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For anyone looking for long lasting battery power, take a look at these Kayo Maxtar Dual Capacity V-Mount batteries. A few other people have been using these for a while, and I was just recently turned on to them myself. The large capacity means you can run most 1x1 LED Panels Full Power for 6 Hours straight.

Even if your light doesn't take V-mount batteries, most LED Lights (even small on-camera ones) will accept between 7-16V DC input. Instead of toting around dozens of Sony NPF batteries, with a basic P-Tap cable you use v-mount batteries to power your smaller lighting kit all day. (Most common Video Accessories use a 5.5mm OD and 2.5mm ID Barrel tip)

dc p-tap 5.5 2.5
VIEW-ITEM P-tap to DC 5.5mm/2.5mm Power Cable

I've modified several of my cables so that I can power any LED Light, Monitor, Camera, or other accessories without having to hang the heavy battery. Instead I can easily just place it on the floor or use it to weigh down a light stand (instead of a sand bag). Or throw it into a backpack when going mobile with a large 1x1 LED Panel.

These batteries don't have any intelligent features, but they do offer a USB port, basic battery meter, and each come with their own wall charger. If all you're looking for is a set of reliable batteries that can provide power all day, check out the customer feedback on these Dual Capacity Kayo Maxtar V-Mount Batteries (found here).

Kayo Maxtar Professional V Mount battery

VIEW-ITEM Kayo Maxtar Dual Capacity V-Mount Batteries