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Kamerar Brightcast LED Panel
check latest pricing Kamerar Brightcast Flexible Water Resistant LED Panel

Here's a new update regarding Kamerar's Brightcast Flexible Water Resistant LED Panel. The first version was only available for V-Mount batteries, possibly something not many people had or was willing to purchase. The new model is now available to support Sony's U-Mount battery. The U-Mount battery might be best known for use with the popular Sony EX1 camera, but is also used on today's Sony FS5 and FS7 cameras - so many of you may already have these. These batteries are available in different capacities (smaller to larger) such as the BP-U30, BP-U60, and BP-U90 sizes and offer 14.4V output which allows the Brightcast LED to operate at it's max brightness.

sony bp-u30sony bp-u60sony bp-u90
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Make those large LED Video Light Panels more portable by running them off of batteries. Here's a random little video showing you how to power up those CN-600 / CN-900 LED Video Lights using the 14V Sony BP-U30/U60 batteries. It's not the cheapest solution, but compared to other batteries available, it's not too shabby.

This was the same battery adapter that I showed earlier which acts to power up your BlackMagic Cinema Camera. You can find the products below.

Sony BMCC BP-U30 BP-U60 battery adapter wall charger BlackMagic CInema CameraBlackMagic Cinema Camera 14V Battery Sony BP-U60 adapter
find-price-button Sony BP-U60 BP-U30 Battery Plate 14V for BlackMagic Cinema Camera

Sony BP-U30 batteries BlackMagic Cinema CameramVp2MjLn2FYklJnCLkpFYVg
find-price-button Sony BP-U30 / BPU60 Batteries

You can find the CN-600 LED Light Panels available via eBay (click here).
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The CN-900 LED Video Lights are also found via eBay (click here).
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