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Here's another cool product Giveaway for you guys to join in on and this time it's for a BlackBird Camera Stabilizer - Basic Kit. The BlackBird Camera Stabilizer System - Basic Kit includes camera mounting plate, gimbal extender, 11 in, and 15 in. horizontal tubes, spare screws, user manual and instructional DVD. There are some great Video examples of various cameras including a small Canon 5D up to a large Sony EX1 balanced on the BlackBird found at the website (here).


This is a professional level Video Stabilizer product that offers some unique features not found on other stabilizers such as an adjustable friction Gimbal. By adjusting the friction on the Gimbal you have more control of the stabilizer preventing excessive roll or sway. The special T-Bar counterweight design allows this stabilizer to fly cameras weighing as light as 1 pound all the way up to 8 pounds. The unit is also designed to work directly with the Steadicam Merlin Vest with an optional mounting post.

For more information about the BlackBird Camera Stabilizer Giveaway, check out the Giveaway page following the link (click here).

BlackBird Stabilizer System
BlackBird Camera Stabilizing Kit