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After working on a few projects, we come up with our own solutions that help us to be more efficient. For organizing batteries, I know many (including me) use bags to store and separate charged up vs non-charged batteries. It works, nothing complicated, and inexpensive. But if you're looking into being a little more organized while helping out a fellow filmmaker, check out the Battery Mag.

Product Description:
The Battery Mag is a simple camera battery organizer that allows you to keep your Canon / Panasonic / Sony / Nikon / Fuji camera batteries organized and tidy in your camera bag. Know in an instant which batteries are charged and which are dead. Designed by a Documentary cinematographer to make life in the field a little tidier and a little easier.

Here's what I like about the Battery Mag. The case prevents loose batteries from shifting around in a bag and protects the contacts (terminals). It also shows you how many batteries you have missing. Often when i'm working with other people, we share batteries. So it's an easy visual to account for any missing batteries that haven't been placed back in to your bag. So yes I know we can all save money just using simple bags to store batteries, but in case you find the Battery Mag a good solution for you, more information is at Tim's website at http://Batterymag.co. (thanks Tim)

Battery Mag - Battery Organizers

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Here's a battery organizing tip from Larry [Thanks Larry]. The PowerPax Battery Organizing Caddies come in a variety of colors and sizes to hold various battery types from AAA, AA, 9V, C/D Cell batteries, etc. Some PowerPax Battery Caddies can carry a combination of batteries in one pack which is handy when you need a 9V for your Rode VideoMic and AA's for your portable recorders. It's also a handy way to prevent confusion on which rechargeable batteries have been already been used and unused. All found on Amazon (click here).

PowerPax Battery CaddyBattery Caddy PowerPax AAPowerPax 9V AA Battery Adapter
find-price-button PowerPax Battery Organizer Caddy for AAA, AA, 9V, C/D Cell

Pretty cool solution if you're just working with small batteries. If i'm packing with a larger bag and have to deal with more equipment, i've been working with Tackle Boxes (as seen below). The clear case makes it easy to find what you're looking for and the adjustable dividers can be tailored to what you're trying to fit.


The tackle boxes are a great way to sort camera batteries, AA, AAA, compact flash cards, small cables, etc. Very inexpensive and durable. I can also label sections of the tackle box to determine Used and UnUsed Cards/Batteries. The tackle boxes i've found that work best and cheapest is the 'DEEP' versions from Plano which you can find in your local Walmart or via Amazon (here).

Plano Tackle Box Deep Storage Battery organizer
find-price-button Plano 'Deep' Storage with Dividers