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Earlier this year at NAB2015, I interviewed a company called 9.Solutions (nine dot solutions) regarding their innovative designs for rigging hardware for mounting, holding, clamping, or supporting various different kinds of equipment. Unfortunately the company didn't quite have their website ready, so the interview was not published. But now that things are in place with their new website, I'm happy to finally share this old interview video.

Here's a couple of their company videos demonstrating how some of their innovative clamps and quick mounts work. Far better than your basic super clamps.

Aside from these cleverly designed rigging hardware products, 9.Solutions pricing is affordable when compared to other options in the market. The Double Python Clamps are perfect for creating simple structures with existing stands, cheap pipes from your hardware store, or basic wood planks. Clamp it to a basic light stand to create a boom arm, hold flags, diffusers, or to put up a scrim.

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The 3/8" Rods + Gags can be be used to add reinforcement components to a rig or to attach additional Pump Cups for supporting car mounts. Or to be used with mini flags and mini scrims for close up table top and product shots. The use cases are endless.

cheesycam 9 solutions rigging grip gear clamp rods
Example of two 3/8" rods, coupler, and Mini Python clamp to create a small boom arm for your Rode VideoMic Pro or use it place a small hair light above the talent. If you need a beefier system, they offer the full size Python clamp and you can opt to use 5/8" rods.

If you've ever had to rig up anything, I highly suggest you take a look at all their goodies. Most of the products seen in the interview video are available now (link below).

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