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Wow, very excited about this one. Universal studios is always a fun place, and they have 'The Best Attractions' ever! This time they've got a new attraction called 'King Kong 360 | 3d'. So what's better than a Universal Studios 3D attraction? How about a Universal Studios 3D attraction with a $15,000 dollar prize?

The contest seems easy enough, especially since part of the requirement is that you aren't supposed to show any parts of Kong himself. (Put that Gorilla suit back in the closet until Halloween) From my guess, your goal is to show the rath, the suspense, or possible aftermath. Get a better read about the Contest rules and get your videos in for that $15 grand. Sounds like a fun project for sure.

King Kongs Path to Universal Studios
King Kong's Path to Universal Studios HollywoodYou are responsible that all content, including video, images and music, is your original work or you can provide written permission to use it from the creator or owner of the content. The unlicensed use of another person's work will disqualify your submission.

You can’t run. You can’t hide. You can only quiver in awe as King Kong passes through. “He’s never been this real.”
The 8th Wonder of the World- King Kong - is making his way to Universal Studios Hollywood for the biggest attraction of the summer, "King Kong 360 3D".
This new attraction will be the largest, most intense 3D experience on the planet.

Your Mission
We’re looking for the best short films showing King Kong’s journey as he heads to Universal Studios Hollywood.
Imagine what would happen if Kong went through your town? Bring King Kong into your world and show us the aftermath!

If you need a little inspiration, check out the teaser above.