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As more people begin taking the challenge of building their own 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer, there have been numerous questions with still little information. One popular question relates to calibrating the IMU sensor. In this video I attempt to show my method of performing the 6 Point Calibration of the IMU sensor and why I choose to do it this way.

Unlike using a cardboard box, this method using a Leveling Cube ensures you can visibly see how level you are before performing calibration. It also allows the sensor to remain completely flat across the cube.

If you look closely, you can see that laying the sensor down over the exposed solder pins may cause inaccurate results. Perform your calibration with the sensor level using only the flat area. Hopefully this bit of information has been helpful and may allow you to get slightly more accurate results from your 6 Point IMU Calibration.

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Solder pins may cause inaccurate results calibrate IMU sensor gimbal

At first I thought these cubes were merely a novelty item, but after working with these gimbals, I have found so many more uses for them. They are great for checking how level your gimbal is when placed on a stand while balancing your camera. They are also great for checking the level of your camera immediately after powering up your gimbal (make sure your horizon is level before shooting). Great little item to have around for just under $2.50 + Free Shipping, I suggest grabbing the cubes with 3 bubble levels built in (click here)

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