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My first time taking the GH4 out for a 4K test drive. I decided to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium again, and shoot everything under low lighting conditions. The thick glass made it hard to focus and images are not at it's sharpest. Don't take this as a good example of GH4 4K video samples. Now I know what not to do, I think i'll get better footage the next time out.

[Note Vimeo player only supports up to 1080p. There may be some compression artifacts so you can download the original file here: https://vimeo.com/93559386]

The 4K coming out of the GH4 is nice, but it doesn't hold up as well in post compared to shooting 1080p with this camera. Let me rephrase that. The 4K footage saved to the SDXC card is still 8bit 4:2:0 and may not grade very well, but we still have the option of 4K HDMI Out 10bit 4:2:2: which should grade very very well. You can adjust curves in the camera, and I tried to shoot with flat settings. Forcing highlights down and shadows up probably caused issues with banding in this footage.

BTW, no tripods allowed in the Aquarium, but I was able to get steady footage using a Joby Gorillapod over a baby stroller. Whatever works right?

Modified Baby Stroller Tripod GH4 4K Video Stand