Swivi 5.6″ HDMI LCD – 24 Hour Sale

I'll be honest i've been out of the loop with what's going on with the Swivi LCD, but it did get a fairly decent review from EOSHD.com. It basically adds a large 5.6" LCD to cameras that lack a Vari-Angle LCD, and provides Focus Peaking, and HDMI pass through. Below is the demo video about the Swivi product features.

Just got news that the Swivi 5.6" HDMI LCD is having a 24 hour sale (also includes LP-E6 type battery and charger). Most retailers are offering product from $370-470 dollars, but for the next 24 hour sale it's been listed at $275 via Amazon (Click Here).

find-price-button Swivi 5.6" HDMI LCD Screen - via Amazon

Also available on eBay for the same 24 hour sale price (Click Here)

find-price-button Swivi 5.6" External HDMI LCD 24 Hour Promotion- via eBay


16 thoughts on “Swivi 5.6″ HDMI LCD – 24 Hour Sale

  1. Marcin


    I have a GH3. WHat would you guys recommend for it? I like the idea the screen is just behind the smaller screen on your cam and not on top.

    Any other similar units that are attached to cam and sit behind your camera's LCD?

  2. Martin

    After reading the comments above ...flimsy design, doesn't power up, broken plastic/glass on view finder, bad customer service ...etc. I wouldn't buy it.

    What does cheeseycam.com or anyone recommend for small monitors with peaking focus aids? ...preferably for the GH2.

  3. shane

    Sheez. I ordered one last night but now I don't even want to open it when it arrives. I'll be sending it right back to the seller after seeing these comments.

  4. Jerry

    @Yiowmade- if I were you, cancel that ordered. I shoot wedding, many times, I missed the shots, why the dang thing wont come on, until you turn it off, turn the camera on, no turn the camera off, then turn on the monitor, sheit, repeat til it comes up, this is not a one time issue, it's consistant.

  5. gabriel

    I have one and it's ok, with some caveats. One, if the battery runs out while you are recording it will shut down your camera along with the monitor and whatever you were recording will be lost. (That's been my experience multiple times with my 7D). I also dislike that the only way to access their built in base plate screw is via the knob which has very little leverage, so it's almost impossible to get it snug enough to use a follow focus, etc. The brightness is not accurate at all either. I always end up checking exposure on the camera lcd which is much more accurate.

  6. Yiowmade

    Crap! Now I'm worried, I bought one when they were first introduced a while back, but ended up returning it, just ordered it again at the $275, now I'm worried about the durability... Have you guys maybe try to eBay seller, they seem to be pretty responsive, just ordered this morning and they have already shipped out my order...

  7. Jerry

    I post about this product before, save your money and get a marshall or dp6 monitor, dont waste your money and time. What you see on the Swivi monitor is not what you get. You may think it's too bright on the monitor but check it out later in post, it's dark.

    It also killed two of my canon LP-E6 batteries, I spoke to the owner and make, I sent it back and took them almost two months and sent me replacement batteries which are knock off.

    I sold it to the next sucker and paid for a used Marshall monitor which I LOVE it, what I see on the Marshall (HDMI and SDI) $600 monitor is what I get.

  8. Pipois

    Same as aDREAMmedia,

    Bought Two and the two are dead today. One after the other.
    They Dont want to honor the warranty.

    If someone know how to contact them...

  9. itchin99

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, aDREAMmedia. I bought one a few months ago; finally put it to real use last month on a shoot. It works well on my D7000. It's fairly compact and convenient compared to other monitors. Keep in mind it's a small jump in size from your LCD. The battery lasts about 2 hours and extras are cheap as dirt. The camera tends to slip around a bit on the base if you man-handle it-- nothing too significant. But since the unit is made of plastic, I do sometimes worry about over-tightening. All in all, I prefer an LCD loope for focusing on the fly, but you don't always want to have your face glued to the back of your camera, especially shooting at odd angles/heights. At $275 it's a good deal if you need a monitor; at $370+ it's over-priced.

  10. aDREAMmedia

    I bought a Swivi the first day it was released and it stopped working 3 weeks later. I could never get contact with Swivi to honor the warranty. No reply from website contact form and could not find a phone number. Just be careful.

  11. Can't seem to find an answer online. But will this work well with a Canon T2i? Meaning, after hitting the record button, would the display show a cropped image or the full one? I'd hate to have and frame the shot how I want (during preview) then not being able to see the full scene once I hit record.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @krist sieb - I don't see why not. It's just HDMI from the side and then screws underneath. There's a little adjustment side to side to fit different bodies.

  13. Steve

    Not bad. If you had a Switronix PB70 paired with that to power the Swivi and the camera, it could be a very nice little setup.

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