Steady Stick Camera Stabilizer

This rod may not show up in searching under DSLR stabilizers, that's because it's been around for quite a while. The Tiffen Steady Stick (somtimes found under Davis & Sanford Steady Stick) works similar to the Body Support Rods underneath Shoulder Support rigs, except you don't need to buy the entire rig. This type of stabilizer will give you a nice support contact via belt clip, to support the weight of your DSLR camera, so you can concentrate more of your focus and composition. It also can pack up to travel size to fit in your luggage, and won't even break the bank. Check out the Tiffen Steady Stick prices on eBay..

So why am I posting this information now if it's been around for a while and many people already know about this item? Well, i've had my eye on the thing for quite a while also, and prices normally averaged $99 dollars. Right now you can grab them at just $59.95 + Free Shipping [via Amazon]

Or if you're a B&H Photo Video customer, you can grab the Davis & Sanford Steady Stick over at for the same price [+ shipping charges]

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6 thoughts on “Steady Stick Camera Stabilizer

  1. Joe Rodriguez

    Can we use this somehow with the $30 shoulder support from Cowboy studio? The handle would be nice. Is this overkill?

  2. What do you think of the SteadyTracker stabilizers? They ship world-wide. I live in the Philippines and they shipped one right to my front door. They are also very affordable and without a gimble, I have no problems on windy days.

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