Spare Canon Rear Lens Caps + Body Caps


Just in time. These body caps and rear lens caps are going to help me break my gear down into pieces for easy packing. I lost a few from a recent shoot and had to leave my lenses on the camera bodies. This time I gathered more than enough, but for about a dollar each to protect your lenses, i'm not complaining. I ordered these a few weeks ago from here. Now i'm just waiting on the spare front lens caps.

3 thoughts on “Spare Canon Rear Lens Caps + Body Caps

  1. SkunkWorks

    You might find stuff like this locally too. My neighborhood camera chain store has a pile of used ones most customers don't even know or ask about. I went there to grab one of the deeper rear caps to use as the knurled half of the knob on my DIY follow focus... I couldn't decide what diameter I wanted so, at a dollar a piece, I grabbed a few 😉

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