Sony NEX can do Canon EF too

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It's no secret that the Sony NEX has an adapter to mount the large Alpha lenses. I guess it was just a matter of (very short) time before other adapters were available to support other lenses. The Sony NEX is very new, and it's great to see manufacturers adapting for it. Actually after a bit of research, this seems to be a one off custom job. The seller is responding to questions stating they can make an adapter for any type of lens to Sony NEX. I'm also not finding any other manufacturers of such adapters to the Sony NEX. Very cool! This Canon EF lens adapter for the Sony NEX changes alot of things for people like me who are well invested into Canon Lenses.

Just a note that someone pointed out. With adapters, they can't control the aperture on EF lenses. Your lens will default to a certain aperture and you can't easily adjust this. This seller also has a Canon FD lens adapter available too, which will give you the ability to use the FD manual lens to adjust to any aperture. The best bet is to just stick with the FD adapter and grab some FD lenses for full manual AV control.

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Traveling with a lightweight camera that does both photos and videos (and awesome panoramics) that can accept some very decent lenses that I already own makes this camera much more affordable for the long run. The adapter also has a built in tripod mount, since we can't rely on that Sony NEX body to carry the weight of the big lenses. Now that's thinking smart... Check out the Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX adapter.

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  1. "Good point.. used FD lenses can be found cheap as heck too" - not any more! It's fascinating that after all these years the old orphaned lenses are coming back, not just FD but also the 70s Minolta lenses and old 16mm lenses too.

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    This adapter seems totally custom. The seller has been responding to questions about making different adapters for different lenses and taking only 4 days to do so. Not being to shoot as custom apertures is nothing new with any adapter.

    As far as shooting at Max AV, I believe it's because there are no Manual Controls for the EF lenses. Much like the 'Twist Lens Hack' that's been going around, there is a way to change the aperture on an EF lens, but this will require first mounting it onto a Canon body. This is most likely the case with many of those adapters even for the Panasonic GH*, the Olympus Pen, and even Canon to Nikon Body. Best bet for hybrid adapters is to go with the Manual lenses like the Canon FD Lens to Sony NEX. That should work fine.

  3. Alam

    A note from at least one of the auctions...

    "(note: when using EOS lenses, you can only shoot with max. aperture of your lens)"

    Kills it for me personally.

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