Sony NEX-7 Screen Protector and LCD ViewFinder

Lexerd Screen Protector

Finally had time to add the Lexerd LCD screen protector on the Sony NEX-7. The Lexerd is a thin film screen protector, much like you would use on your iPhone. Easy to apply, comes with all the right tools. There are other hard plastic screen protectors, but some may introduce more glare. The thin film type works for me on this camera.

NEX-7 ViewFinder Loupe LCD

NEX-7 Loupe

NEX-7 View Finder

Afterwards, I decided to install a cheap 16x9 LCD Loupe for those bright days when I want to pixel peep and review my photos or video. There aren't very many options for viewfinders to fit the very wide 16x9 LCD of the Sony NEX-7, so I just grabbed a cheap one on eBay which works well to block out any light and to magnify the screen. This one fits perfectly without cropping any of the view. It might not be the best on the market, but it beats trying to cover the LCD with my hand.

Sony NEX7 ViewFinder
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11 thoughts on “Sony NEX-7 Screen Protector and LCD ViewFinder

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @S Rice - No I haven't. I think the standard 3:2 fits better than the 16x9 size.

  2. Hi,

    does anyone know of an LCD loupe that works with the new 5D Mark III? I know Zacuto will release an adaptor, but are there any other on ebay or so?

    Respectfully yours,


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @S Rice - The EVF on the NEX-7 is really nice, and the focus assist marks really help too. I was using the VF earlier and yes it does make a difference and is easier to focus. I always use the magnification before setting focus. The only problem is the weight of the VF on the NEX-7 causes it to pull out. The LCD on the NEX7 tilts up and down, but there's no lock in place, so the VF weight can cause it to tilt down.

  4. S Rice

    How well does that loupe work? Does it improve focusing ability at all? I'm looking to improve my focus pulling on my GH2, and am wondering if I'll be forced to find a monitor... the focus assist is great, but I'm still not consistently pulling sharp results...

  5. Tony

    Thanks Emm for taking the time out your busy day to measure and post images. Your the best! lol.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @TK - This is a much narrower version than the Carry Speed for the NEX7. Right now it's using a sticky frame, which I anticipate will not hold up very well. I'm looking to modify a new frame with a P&C Pistol Grip.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - It's much much wider than the Canon DSLR. I can measure it for you. Here's some images (in centimeters)

  8. TK

    Hey Em. I have a Carryspeed VF for a Canon 60D but when i switched to NEX-7 the mount holder which screws into the bottom tripod mount is too much off center to use on the NEX. Would my 60D VF be the same as this 18$ one you posted without the mount? Or should i buy this one for my NEX?

    Also how are you mounting the Loupe to your NEX-7? Sticky? Or Elastic bands?

  9. Tony

    Hey Emm, is that viewfinder wider than the LCD viewfinders for Canon dslr? I've been looking for one to mod to fit my Panasonic TM-900's 3.5" LCD. My Carryspeed LCD Viewfinder for 600D is not wide enough and it this one gets a little bit wider then my mod might be easier to make. Thanks.

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