Sony Nex-5, think I’m sold

I would have to say that i'm never far from a camera. The iPhone works ok, but I really like the features of a DSLR's. I've been looking very closely to the Olympus Pen camera models as a solution because sometimes it's not a good idea to keep the 5D Mark II in the trunk of the car while i'm cruising the mall. Everyone is talking about Sony's new lineup as the new Game Changer in DSLR video cameras. The Nex-3 and the Nex-5 are soon to be released, main difference between the two are how the bodies are made. One beefier than the other as well as more advanced video recording features in the Nex-5. Sony is also talking about a concept Video camera that will accept the same interchangeable lenses as the Nex's. Where you at Canon?

After reading the writeup at, and checking out some of the sample photos, new 'sweeping panoramic' features, and fancy 6 photo analyzing 'Twilight mode', I think i'm sold on this one when it becomes available. You can check out the review here:

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