Sony Nex-3 & Nex-5 pocket DSLR

There's no doubt that camera manufacturers are pushing new product lines to get into the latest trends. They are set to ride this wave of HD Video capabale - interchangeable lens cameras. In the past Size did matter on a camera. I remember shooting my first wedding on a Canon 5D Mark II and hearing one of the guests whispering 'Why are they shooting with such small cameras?". Yeah we really didn't look very professional compared to the cousin with a 7 year old Sony VX2000.

But after seeing how capable the Canon 5D Mark II was against larger format cameras, smaller is the new trend. Olymupus brought back the Pen, Panasonic is really pushing their line of DSLR style cameras, and now Sony is in with the Nex-3 and Nex-5. Great commercial, it really sells the product, but what's up with the guy taking a lens out of his pocket (with no body caps), and then the dude on the pier trying to do the Robot? LOL. Personally, I think those sections could have been left out....

Peep this review on some of the new cool features.