Sony HX9V Exmor R – Refurbished Price

I'll be attending CES - Las Vegas in a few weeks and am seriously considering doing most of the coverage on just the Sony HX9V. I'm not the only one obsessed with the little cameras ability to get decent video out, especially for just quick informational product interviews. (audio will be recorded separately). BBC cameraman and Vimeo member Johnnie Behiri even decided to try it out on a little segment with his BBC correspondent Bethany Bell (below).

Definitely amazing quality for a camera that fits in your shirt pocket, and the Image Stabilization is the best i've used in a Point and Shoot. The only problem i'm thinking about is that on a two camera angle setup, the footage might not mix very well with another camera - So I thought i'd grab myself another one. B&H already lists this camera as discontinued (could just be manufacturing delays), and over at Amazon there's about 4 new ones left (not too bad a price).

I planned on just looking for a used one for a cheaper price, but ran into another option. If you didn't know, Sony has an eBay store and recently listed a bunch of Manufacturer Refurbished HX9V cameras. Free shipping, full warranty, and a bit cheaper than buying new. Check out the Sony eBay store of other goods (click here).

Sony HX9V Exmor Camera Sony HX9V Camera
find-price-button Sony HX9V 'Exmor R' Full 1080/60p - Refurbished Price

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @JG - I'm not much of an editor and I use mostly Sony Vegas. It seems to be able to take any file without encoding it first and shows real time effects without needing to render.

    For MAC you could try this workflow. The BTS footage from Olivia's video was shot with the HX9V and converted with Smart Converter Pro and edited in FCPX. It seems to maintain good quality through the conversion.

  2. Hi Emm or anyone that has this camera,

    Is there size/time limitation to the video files or can it shoot a video file continuously until the card fills up? This is the kind of camera I would like to set up and just let run during an event.



  3. Emm

    Post author

    @ Joe B. - Hands down the Sony has better video quality and image stabilization. It can be used on car mounts (just like DSLRs are often used), but it's not durable to the same conditions, especially waterproofing. Pros and cons for every tool, I think it will be based on what you will be using it for the most. If you dish out a bit more money, you could get the HX9V waterproof housing.

  4. Damnit! Help me out here...I was just about to buy the HD GOPRO2 for my wife...Now I'm having second thoughts. I might have to get this one because of the Stablization..Hang it out the car on a Carmount and I am Golden. What do you guys think?

  5. Rabi

    I helped out a friend on a shoot a few months back. We were mostly using a 5DII and 7D, but we had an HX9V on a GorillaPod that we were playing with too. It was a joy to use.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @mike_tee_vee - I think the TM900 is better and has more features to control the video. The TM900 also has a mic input.

  7. jarrett

    Agreed Emm...this camera is what led me to the 5n, which I love...but not as much as id love a hacked hx9v 😉
    The 5n has no frustrating. I dont think the 5ns panorama mode is as good either. But the video is pretty.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @jarrett - Too bad nobody is working on a hack for this camera. I think there's plenty more horsepower that's not being used in the cam. For my own personal video blogs, this is a go-to camera. On bright days outdoors, the quality is even better.

  9. jarrett

    To me the video quality of this sony is the best of the point and shoots. There are hundreds of video examples on vimeo. I'd not spend any less than this. It negates the need for a dslr for *most* people. The video stabilization must be seen to be believed.
    If they made this thing manually control aperture shutter speed or exposure, it would replace my nex 5n.

  10. JG

    I've been looking for a nice compact camera under 200, I've seen the nikon s9100 and the canon sx230 hs in that price range what would you recomend or should just wait a couple of weeks more and get the sony? or any other cameras that you know are good in the under 200 category?

  11. jarrett

    Ha, another gem I'm parting with! I have one of these to get rid of too, I love it, and its sad to let it go, but my wife gave me a nex5n and the camera total must be kept at one for me...

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Greg - Thanks. My guess is the new replacement would probably run around the $450 mark like before, and I think I could be happy with this type of quality for a while. I'm planning on grabbing the underwater housing for it too for an upcoming vacation.

  13. Greg

    The HX9V was discontinued shortly after the floods in Thailand. The new model was due for release in March and the factory would not be dry until mid February, meaning Sony would be producing a soon to be replaced camera for two weeks before the ne model was available. Obviously rthat makes no sense so they discontinued the entire HX series.

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