Sony Alpha A580 and A560 1080HD Capable DSLR


There's quite a few sources talking about the huge information leak on Sony's new Alpha DSLR's named the 'A580' and the 'A560', but so far the most important feature is finally recording in 1080. I'm sure there's a few more tricks up Sony's sleeve, but unless it's doing RAW video, fixed rolling shutter, or found a way to do super slo-motion in 1080, we've seen it all. I'm not sure if they'll have special features to convert die hard Canon or Nikon fans, but if the price is right maybe they can find a way to at least get in the HD DSLR video game. I have no information on pricing and availability yet, but i'm still digging for more information. Engadgets got a bit of read too:

2 thoughts on “Sony Alpha A580 and A560 1080HD Capable DSLR

  1. AL

    I just got mine today. Man is it heavy and I haven't even put an external flash on it yet! I knew it was a bigger camera, I was expecting that, but my arms were tired after a few minutes of shooting. Plus the lens that comes with it feels cheap. It is made out of plastic and just doesn't feel right. So far I am not overly impressed. Maybe after I put a good lens on it I will be happier. The pictures seem great. It is very explanatory. Every selection you make, if you pause for a second, it tells you what it's for, so if you are an inexperienced photographer you should learn fairly quickly. I haven't had much time to mess with it, so I can't really go into the quality of the pictures as I haven't had a chance to test all of the scene selections and functions. So we will see how I like it after owning it for a few weeks.

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