Sneak Peek Jag35 Motion Control Slider

Jared Abrams from WideOpenCamera gives us a sneak peek at Jag35's new Headquarters and their new motion control slider. Jag35 has been pumping out quite a bit of gear in the last few months including their inexpensive electronic and wireless follow focus systems. Find more about their products over at

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Jag35 Motion Control Slider

  1. Ross

    Looks interesting!
    What price did he say for the MoCo setup though? I couldn't make out what he said then...

  2. Operative parts of the video:
    $300 basic
    $600 motorized
    Fall 2011
    I'll definitely be on that preorder!

  3. Matt

    Well, those are some interesting editing and audio production techniques on display there...

    Cool gear though.

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