Small Camera Stabilizer – GoPro HD?

If you're an iPhone Video shooter, this Lensse Camera Stabilizer for phones is pretty fluid. (BTW that's not an iPhone. That's the Samsung Galaxy) I'm thinking it should be able to support my GoPro HD once i've added enough counterweights. The drilled brass socket for the Gimbal is smooth, but as other stabilizers like this the angle of rotation is limited. I'll need to really test the weight once my GoPro LCD Bacpac has come in, but it should be fine.

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8 thoughts on “Small Camera Stabilizer – GoPro HD?

  1. This is better than the Modo Steady for an iphone shooting of my family`s travels? because the modo steady is 3 in 1, compact, but don`t seem to be very steady as "steadicam"

  2. Jason

    updates on this project em, the A-TEAM (I named all my gopros) is seeking a new recruit to add to its arsenal !!

  3. D

    Thanks for sharing. Which kind of clamp/head did you use to attach to the phone? Does it come with the stabilizer? Thank you!

  4. Jason

    sweet! let me know how it goes with the gopro? Do you need to add extra weight outside from what it shipped with? And or mod it?

    Was planning on purchasing this soon for a action/chase shoot with gopros.

    Can wait to see results!

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