SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x Anamorphic Lens Adapter with Sony RX10 Mark II

So you've got the brand new fancy Sony DMC-RX10 MarkII capable of 4K internal video, SLOG profiles, and high frame rates. How do you step it up a bit? Well how about throwing on the SLR Magic Anamorphot Lens Adapter for some Anamorphic fun?

I've had this adapter laying around for quite some time, but even with it's built in diopter it was tricky to use with the GH4. Finding the right combination of lenses and pulling focus made it just too cumbersome and slow to use. But with the Sony RX10 Mark II, the SLR Magic Anamorphot Lens Adapter just works fairly seamlessly. Pulling focus is done by just using the manual focus ring around the RX10 built-in Lens.

Here's a few more random examples of the SLR Magic Anamorphic Lens Adapter mounted to the Sony RX10 MarkII shot in my backyard at 1080p at 120fps.

My earlier tests at mainly F/4 were still a bit soft, but I know the camera and lens combination is capable of better. So I decided to go back out and stop down the aperture to F/5 - F/5.6. I also changed to the 4K resolution. Here's an example of the Sony RX10 Mark II with the SLR Magic 1.33x Anamorphot Lens Adapter shooting in SLOG, De-Squeezing the video, and then adding a generic LUT. Still nothing interesting to shoot, but I think the images are sharper so I'll know what settings to use when i'm ready for a project.

While this may not be the best Anamorphic setup, it's certainly affordable and offers great results with minimal effort. This combination would be a good start for those who want to start experimenting with anamorphic, and remember the RX10 MKII is capable of shooting in 4K.

Keep in mind that my adapter is the older 1.33x anamorphic, but SLR Magic has recently released a 2x Anamorphic Adapter which will give you even greater Anamorphic perspective and qualities. The Sony RX10 Mark II is the easiest camera I have used with this adapter, and that 2x is certainly next on my list.

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16 thoughts on “SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x Anamorphic Lens Adapter with Sony RX10 Mark II

  1. Paul Lucas

    hi get videos on your channel. do i need a set up ring to attach to my x10 mark ii? having problem fixing it to my lens? please help! many thanks

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Jeremy Dulac - It's not so much the GH4 as it is the lens choice. Works on some lenses and not so good on other lenses. The lens on the RX10MK2 just works well but it could also be because it has a much smaller sensor. Large sensor cameras can achieve a shallow dof that small sensors can't. Maybe that's why it's easier to focus?

  3. Hey Emm,

    I was just curious if you could elaborate on why the adapter isnt as good on the gh4 or other cameras? What is it about the rx10 that makes it work better? Thanks!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Rabby - Some cameras can do true 30 and 24, but If you want to be very technical it does 4K in 29.97 and in 23.98. Basically 30p and 24p. Like Canon DSLRs say 24, but it's really 23.98. This doesn't matter as much for most editing systems will make it work, but this information is necessary when using external recorders that can't auto detect the frame rate (like live switches, BlackMagic Design ATEM, etc.).

    And if you want even better quality out of this camera you can record from the HDMI into an Atomos Shogun. It's still 8bit out, but the final codec and bitrate will be better.

  5. dafreaking

    @emm So by using a 2x anamorphic on a 16:9 sensor, what 'normal' aspect ration would one get after a de-squeeze?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Southerndude - Yes it can be done in any editing program. The anamorphic lenses are distorted. They are designed to have a very wide field of view, but because your camera sensor is only one size, it has to squeeze those sides into the frame. So it's 'squeezed' or 'squished' and looks distorted. So we need to un-squeeze or de-squeeze the image. But because we can't stretch the sides of our video so it looks normal, we have to shrink the height until it looks normal. Here's a few screenshots of values on FCPX and how it affects your video. You can do this with any editing program.

    Click for Larger View

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @dafreaking - If you are using a proper anamorphic lens, there is no cropping in post. You just desqueeze the image, and because you are 'squishing' it, you will end up with black bars on top and bottom. You are not cropping anything from the image that is being captured.

  8. dafreaking

    Emm this is awesome. I've been waiting for someone to test this out before diving into it. The 2x would be sweet but at 32:9 one would really have to crop a lot right? So de-squeeze then crop?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Don - The URSA is not full frame, so a small pancake lens over 35mm might be pretty cool. I hear pancakes are good with these adapters. Maybe the 40mm STM?

  10. Don

    Hey, Emm. What lens would you recommend using on the ef ursa with this adapter? Seeing a test would be awesome.

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