Shootools AutoPan – Universal Motorized Panning Tool

The Shootools AutoPan is a clever product from Shootools that adds a motorized second axis to any linear slider (or crane). A simple device that has it's own built in rechargeable battery and can quickly be setup and programmed to repeat keyframe positions.

My video only shows the basic use of the Shootools AutoPan, as their Wireless App is not yet available. Once it becomes available you'll be able to remotely control and configure the AutoPan and perform more advanced Timelapse movements. There is even a Table Top that can be added on the AutoPan transforming it into a Motorized Rotating Product Table.

Now as I have mentioned in my video, there is noise when the AutoPan is tracking. So for audio sensitive projects like 'sit down interviews' this is probably not ideal. But for certain types of projects focused mainly on imagery such as Products, Food, Car Shows, Weddings details, Real Estate, Architecture, and Music Videos, I can really see the Shootools AutoPan adding a lot of benefit simplifying tracking and that unique parallax effect. These types of moves on a slider certainly add a bit more production value to your final project.

You can get additional information about the Shootools AutoPan over at their website (here).

The AutoPan is also available at B&H Photo (below).
shootools autopan motorized panning
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4 thoughts on “Shootools AutoPan – Universal Motorized Panning Tool

  1. Hi Cheesycam,
    SHOOTOOLS AUTOPAN seems to have disappeared from the market.
    Do you know about any similar product that can do AutoPanning on an existing motor slider?

  2. Love the simplicity of it, but man are they proud! Looks like competition for the Syrp Genie. I would have to wait until I see the other features, before I could consider purchasing it. I wonder how long the pull cable is, which would dictate the max size slider it could work on. Looks like a well built product.

  3. Brian

    Thanks for the demo and as always very well shown and explained. That said, and as someone who is recently considering an auto pan option for my Konova. I find this one to be extremely expensive at $800.00 for what it delivers. You demo of the mechanical setups including the one made for my slider by Konova and the others are so much simpler and it would appear significantly less noise. Sure the app and perhaps the other features might offer incentive to the still and timelapse folks but I am gonna go mechanical.

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