Servo City Motorized Kit for IGUS W1080-B Slider

If you happen to have an IGUS W1080-B Linear Slider and are looking for a way to get consistent movement, Servo City now offers a DIY Motorized Kit. You may have seen me working with a prototype version of this slider in a past video when I designed a simple infinite loop auto reverse switch (seen here).

With a slower motor in place you can use this to achieve long time-lapse sequences, or with a faster motor in place you can use this for real time video (noise will be apparent from the motor).

The kit comes in dozens of little pieces, but with patience was easy to assemble following the video instructions:
Actobotics - IGUS W1080-B Slider Kit Assembly (part 1)
Actobotics - IGUS W1080-B Slider Kit Assembly (part 2)

Once again, this kit is designed specifically for the W1080-B Igus Rail (which you will need first) and can the entire kit can be found at the Servo City website (here).

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14 thoughts on “Servo City Motorized Kit for IGUS W1080-B Slider

  1. stuckat1

    Emm, I dig the way you mount the monitor/EVF to the cage. Do you mind telling me who makes the monitor/EVF mount?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Randall - It can pull full vertical, but the slider is not full roller bearing. If you camera is not balanced, the bearings will not slide well over the rail. Dry bearings like this igus works well when they can slide evenly across the surface but when they bind on the rail it will shutter across.

  3. Hey Emm!
    Great video! I'm thinking of pulling the trigger today. I have a 7D and 5D. In your opinion do you think the motor is strong enough for those cameras? Also I noticed that you did test the slider at a slight grade, do you know if it will do a full vertical pull? Thanks!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Hristijan - It's mainly about being creative with the parts. These items can be adapted to anything.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Drew - Servo City is full of parts and you just need to be a little creative to make it work with your JL slider. They have so many options for mounting motors, belts, pulleys, etc. The channel (metal bars) have so many holes it's easy to bolt or screw them on to blocks of plastic, wood, or metals.

  6. I have the juiced link diy slider and wondering if I can rig the assembly to this set of rails and cart…any idea if it's possible and/or easy?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - The numbers are relative to the size of the slider (I think width). The 1040 is narrower than a 1080. The 1080 is going to be more steady since it uses a wider spacing between rails. The Servo City kit is designed for the 1080 spacing.

  8. Scott

    @emm #datrig

    This is awesome. I was thinking of grabbing a W1080, but just hadn't pulled the trigger yet. This I think is enough to sell me on it.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @fortunerox - That's my Cineroid EVF. On the right side I have my battery plate mounted for power.

  10. justin

    Hey Emm, I'm just about to place an order for this but having a hard time choosing the speed of motor. which one do you have? and can that be reduced to a crawl with the speed control?


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