RodeLink FIlmmaker Wireless Lavalier Microphone Audio System Review and Distance Test

Here's a look at the new RodeLink Filmmaker Wireless Audio System. In the video below i'll show you the parts, basic setup, functions, and a quick distance test at the end of the video.

I haven't done extensive tests, but in the short time i've been using the kit, it's been nothing but solid performance. RODE is offering up quite a bit in this kit, along with a lav microphone that can be adapted for use with other systems. Another interesting feature is the RODELINK can be powered via AA batteries or powered through it's USB port. I believe the USB port can be used for firmware upgrades as well.

For the price it's hard to argue that this is a must have piece of kit everyone should have in their bag. If you've been looking to get a wireless kit, I wouldn't wait too long. The price is right, and I feel these items will continue to sell out for sometime. It's still unclear if prices will go up to the list price of $599, but right now Pre-Orders are currently listing for just $399 (found here).

Rode Wireless FIlmmaker Kit
find-price-button Rode Wireless Filmmaker Kit - Wireless Lav Mic System

36 thoughts on “RodeLink FIlmmaker Wireless Lavalier Microphone Audio System Review and Distance Test

  1. Chad

    A little late this party, but I was thinking: How amazing would it be if the USB could also serve as laptop I/O... the Receiver, or even the Transmitter, able to act as a USB microphone.

    Somehow I doubt it, but it'd be amazing.

  2. Marlon

    @Emm, I use a Canon 60D, can you advise on a way I can monitor audio with this and the Rodelink via headphones? Thanks

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Jared - Yes it will go directly in, but I can't remember if your camera has AGC. If it does then you'll need something that disables AGC for the cleanest sound. Or just use an external audio recorder and run a line out for scratch audio.

  4. jared

    so do you think that this can be put directly into my t2i or 7d2 or will it still need to run out to an audio recorder first???

  5. Emm, where'd you order your Filmmaker Kit from? Both b&h and adorama seem to be back ordered. Did you receive a test unit? Thanks!

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @John M - I like the form factor of the DR-70D, I have one too, but I have to say the audio quality of the Zoom H6 is still better.

  7. John M

    @Emm Thanks Emm, you have educated me lots on audio just with your 2 post! For Zoom H6 at least there's the flexibility to have one track or multiple ones.

    Have you ever compared the Zoom H6 with the Tascam DR-70D? Been searching Cheesycam but no results...

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @John M - On the Zoom H6 each microphone has it's own input and it's own audio track. So you will end up with multiple files on the Zoom H6 SD Card.

    Of course, that's just there to control each input level, and a great way to ensure you have everyone separated in case you have to isolate an audio track (peaking, clipping, interference, drop-outs, etc).

    But hey we're all lazy sometimes, so you can take the 'line out' from the Zoom H6 which has all the audio consolidated into one output signal, and input that into your camera. Your camera will receive every single audio track all mixed down into the camera so you don't have to edit or sync audio in post. Most of the time that signal should be good enough to cut your video with.

    But if you wanted to balance audio so that every single person has the same volume, that's where independent audio tracks come in handy. You will pull the audio files from the Zoom H6, match them up volume wise, and the sync with your video.

  9. John M

    @Emm That's a superb idea! I assume I have to configure my camera to take in multiple audio tracks with the footage? or the multiple audio tracks are saved within the Zoom H6's SD card?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @John M - Personally if I have to capture more than one person, I use an audio recorder like the Zoom H6 and then if you want, you can output from the Zoom H6 into your camera. This will bring in both (or 3 or 4 audio tracks) into the camera. The reason this might be a better solution than just running them both directly into the camera is that you can adjust levels for each person. You can also isolate each track in case one person starts screaming and the audio becomes distorted. If you have everything in one track that could screw you up. If you have each person recording in a different audio track, you can remove them from the conversation or pull a section of audio from a backup recording track that has been attenuated (for safety).

  11. John M

    Great review Emm!

    @Emm @RØDE Microphones

    What would I need to combine 2 transmitters and connect to my camera?

  12. Matt

    @emm @rode I'd be interested in using this in 'reverse' as a wireless in-ear IFB monitor.

    Is the receiver output suitable to drive earphones or an earpiece transducer?

    Thanks. matt.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryann Butt - It's not that easy to find a Wi-Fi crowded environment, but those tests have already been done by Rode at many events. The company has been around long enough to release a good product and do enough testing before something is out. I don't believe there will be any problems in a wifi environment.

  14. Ryan Butt

    i DONT* need distance in wifi heavy environment i just want clear quality audio without distortion. please do the test

  15. Ryan Butt

    i almost pre-ordered it but then what will happen in wifi heavy environment. so now i'm going to wait for the test. i need need distance in wifi heavy environment i just want clear quality audio without distortion. please do the test so that i decide quickly i should order it or not. i live rode products and i own them. they now just need a audio recorder to compete with my zoom h5 😀

  16. Dan

    I've been hanging out for this for a looooong time! Well done, Rode! Looking forward to the two mic edition within the next 12 months 😉

  17. A


    Thanks for doing the demo. From your quick test audio sounds decent. In your opinion, how does the sound quality and noise floor compare to the Sennheiser G3?

  18. Great distance test, we need to get one of those segway scooters

    @bronson our RØDELink Filmmaker Kit is one of the most affordable wireless audio kits on the market

    @Imran, yes the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit can accept line level inputs, just use the gain adjustments if necessary.

    @Hogo, the Filmmaker Kit is a one-to-one device so a separate transmitter requires another receiver. We may develop a stereo receiver in the future as we develop the RØDELink range

    @Rob S. we have tested the RØDELink filmmaker kit extensively, even in crowded 2.4GHz environments. There are things to consider just like every other piece of equipment to understand the limitations of range as you have said though.

  19. Victor

    @bronson dont know about you but emms recent ronin support backpack just about laid a pretty good smackdown and my vote of diy of the year...

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @bronson - Exactly what are you trying to build? What bit of equipment are you missing? As i've mentioned, there's just less reasons to DIY something these days unless it's something that doesn't exist. A rig? A slider? Dolly? An LED light? A Stabilizer? Throw out some ideas.

  21. Rob S.

    I'm a big fan of Rode and think this looks great. Though I wonder how it will do in a wi-fi heavy environment like a convention. From what I've heard, lots of wi-fi mostly reduces the range of transmitters like this as opposed to interfering with the signal.

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Hogo - I only have one set here, so I can't test this. But it's a good question and i'll try to find out.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Imran - There's not much in the menu, it's mainly just for adding a wireless mic to your subject. That's a good question. If anything I'm guessing you could get a cable that is already attenuated. Sescom makes such cables, but it's not in a locking TRS like these:

  24. Hogo

    Nice examples. Can this be expanded to use with multiple transmitters? Or do you need to buy a seperate receiver also for each transmitter? Deciding on this, or a budget wired solution to use with my zoom h6. Also, nice balance with the hand in your pocket on the segway(ish) scooter!

  25. Matt

    @bronson This wireless kit is less than any good kit from a major brand. It may not be DIY, but it's an affordable option for sure.

    Hard to DIY freakin wireless audio!

  26. Imran

    Thanks for review Emm.

    I used the old g2/g3 a lot, hooking the transmitter to a venue's soundboard and PA system. Will the Rodelink be able to accept line level inputs?

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @bronson - I remember when everything was too expensive and it was worth building it yourself. Now prices and overseas companies are offering things at a price to where it doesn't always make sense to build something. A set of 15mm rails can be had for $10 bucks, would you still consider building a rig from PVC pipes?

  28. bronson

    i remember when you would review diy products. now all you show us is expensive stuff.

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