Rode NTG-2 or Azden SGM-1X Poll?

Question comes in from a Vimeo member asking which would be the better buy? So it's a Rode NTG-2 vs. Azden SGM-1X poll. Would you go for the Rode NTG-2 or the Azden SGM-1X Shotgun Microphone? Both appear to have very similar physical dimensions with size and XLR inputs. Both DSLR shotgun microphones can be self powered with a single battery but can also accept optional Phantom power. The Rode can be powered with a single AA for an estimated 1000 hours and the Azden can be powered with a single AAA for approx. 800 hours. The Rode NTG-2 does not come with any type of mount, while the Azden 'does' come with it's own integrated shock mount. Both are highly rated with 4.5 stars over at B&H Photo Video. Seems like the Azden has more to offer, but the Rode NTG-2 has more than twice the amount of reviews which appears to be the more popular of the two out in the field. The Rode is also more expensive, but does it yield better (noticeable) sound quality? I'm not familiar with both, so I decided to throw up this poll for those with more experienced between the two. Got another suggestion for a similar shotgun mic? Throw down in the comments...

find-price-button Rode NTG-2 Battery or Phantom Powered Condenser Shotgun Microphone

find-price-button Azden SGM-1X - Super-Cardioid Shotgun Condenser Microphone

16 thoughts on “Rode NTG-2 or Azden SGM-1X Poll?

  1. So I'm late to this party but I have some neat info. So I have both mic's and I have recorded with both of them. I would consider the Azden the winner in this one not what you get coming straight out of the mic but what you can get out of it in post. The Rode NTG 2 is pretty sterol and no low end frequencies show dominance or equality. On the other hand the Azden has the low end and the vocals aren't that bright and that is a good thing for post production. I get an amazing sound with the Azden when I mess a little with it in post. Trying to correct the NTG2 takes some time but does have the body and presence like the Azden. Those were my findings today.

  2. Darryl

    I pondered for a while and recently ended up getting the NTG-3 and Marantz PMD661 and have not looked back. The great quality picture we get from our Canon DSLR's should be complimented by great quality sound!

  3. Mickey Jones

    The NTG-2 with a shock mount and 1.5 cable (XLR or mini) was selling for $279. So with the included goodies, its selling at $100 or so above the Azden. I'm not sure if you can really compare the two. Azden is clearly for tighter budgets.

    Maybe compare the Rode Videomic to the similarly priced Azden using a pearson XLR to mini converter cable.

    I'm getting the NTG-2 as a gift. Fortunately it was purchased before the $20 price jump (also now OOS). I think the Rode is clearly better but that's what you would expect for more $.

  4. I had the Azden for several years. It worked fine with 2 minor issues. First, the sound seemed a little dull. Nothing tragic, just dull compared to what I wanted. Second, the low cut filter is pretty drastic - like 180Hz or something. That's a lot of missing low end. Overall, I liked the mic though.

    A friend has the RODE and I think it's awesome. Much more natural sound and the low frequency roll-off is lower and sounds better. If I had to pick, it would be the RODE.

    As an alternative, how about the Audio-Technica AT897? This is my current shotgun and I really like it. Nice clean sound and natural low-cut setting. Runs for like 2000 hours on a AA battery, but I usually put a new one in before shoots. 2 downsides: no power switch and no shockmount.

  5. el tipo

    Just got the NTG-2 myself to pair with the Zoom H1 on a narrative shoot this week. I'll report back how I feel about it. Since it looks like a lot of us are on the same level with audio, how do you guys feel about Boom Poles? They seem really overpriced for a freaking stick.

    What do you guys think of this:

    (Search 'Musician's Gear Handheld Microphone Boom Pole' if the link doesn't work.)

  6. I've used both mics. I own the SGM-1X. The only reason I went with the SGM was because of the price. I got it for $100 free shipping. But the NTG 2 has better pick up and picks up more low end then the Azden, so overall it sounds a little better. But like I said, for the price, as long as your not micing things 12 ft. and expecting it to sound like your right next to them, the Azden is a great mic. I'll probably pick up something higher end later, but I'll def. still keep the Azden in my kit as back up.

  7. Jackson

    DEFINITELY the ntg-2. Amazing for the price. I have not tried the azden but people who know their stuff always say stay away from azden if you want quality stuff. My understanding is they have cheap prices and cheap gear. Even if this particular one is OK, the ntg-2 has an amazing track record and almost a cult following.

  8. If the wallet is deep enough, I would go with neither and either pick up a Senheiser 416, or a Rode NTG-3 (supposed to be as good if not better then the 416 and $300 cheaper).

    There are many things to consider when purchasing a microphone. One of the most important aspects is the self noise of the mic. some mics have a higher noise floor which can induce a horrible hissing or scratchy sound in your recordings.

    Just as in video cameras and DSLR's, Its better to save up and buy the better gear even if it costs more, than to buy twice.

    For the purpose of your poll though, I would go with the Rode NTG-2. I've used the Azden before on a shoot and the sound was way below par.

    Emm get at me when you have a chance. We should talk about reviewing audio gear from the perspective of a sound engineer.

  9. Darius

    Please, please say the Rode, seeing as how I just bought one...i can't vouch for either, but seriously, what a great topic!

  10. Kai Productions

    Getting a Azden SGM-1x for Christmas! I watched numerous reviews and test of the sound quality and it sounded really nice!

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