Rode Announces RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit

Rodelink Wireless Lav Mic Kit Filmmaker

Transmitter and Receiver Included
Broadcast Quality Lavalier Mic Included
Series II 2.4 GHz Digital Transmission
128-Bit Encrypted Signal
24-Bit/44.1 kHz Lossless Transmission
Up to 100m Range
One Touch Pairing
OLED Digital Display
3-Level Gain Control
USB and AA Battery Powered

The RodeLink Filmmaker Kit from Rode is a wireless system for film and video production that features a transmitter, receiver, and an included lavalier microphone. The system utilizes a Series II 2.4 GHz 128-bit encrypted digital transmission signal that constantly monitors and hops between frequencies to select the strongest signal. The kit offers a low signal-to-noise ratio and provides a high-resolution 24-bit 44.1 kHz digital transmission of lossless audio at a range of up to 100m.

The beltpack transmitter features a simple 3-stage gain adjustment and a mute lock function to prevent accidental muting. A locking 3.5mm input audio connector ensures body worn microphones remain secure. The camera mount receiver features a removable shoe mount enabling it to be used on camera or as a belt pack receiver. A mute override function gives complete control to the operator, while mute status, input level, and battery status for both the transmitter and receiver are displayed on the front of the unit. The receiver also utilizes the same locking 3.5mm connector as the transmitter to provide solid security.

Both the beltpack transmitter and camera mount receiver can be powered by any USB power source using a standard micro-USB cable. The system offers eight discrete channels that can easily be set up in seconds with over 8000 different channel combinations available. Channel selection and pairing is achieved with a one-press operation and automatic scanning, which significantly reduces setup times when compared to traditional UHF setups.

Series II 2.4GHz digital transmission
128-bit encrypted signal
Up to 100m range
One touch pairing
OLED digital display
3 level gain control
Omnidirectional lavalier microphone
AA Battery or USB Power
Designed and made in Australia

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15 thoughts on “Rode Announces RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit

  1. Dave

    I'm looking to add a couple more wireless mics, and so this new Rode unit looks interesting. The AT System 10 seems to be comparable, but I'd love to see a shoot out between the two before buying.

  2. @OldCorpse

    I think the idea here is that the RodeLink offers something similar to the AT System 10 at a lower price (the AT camera mounted receiver with beltpack lav transmitter is $450 currently on Amazon).

    Also, if you're in love with the AT System 10, with a little competition from Rode, you could see the price of the AT come down a little. That's speculation from me, of course, based on previous experience with technology and competition.

    That's what's make this a big announcement.

  3. OldCorpse

    No, it's a direct competitor to the AT System 10. In fact, before anyone rushes out to buy this, a decent comparison between the two would be very useful. Frankly, given that the AT System 10 has already been around for quite a while, I don't understand Rode's big announcement how this is revolutionary... it's far from it, and Audio Technica has been there before.

  4. Ivan

    Want....Want...Want! I've been holding out on a wireless system for a while now.....this looks very intriguing!

  5. Craig

    That transmitter pack is pretty big for film use. I would be focusing on making these things smaller like a Lectrosonics mini. I know the price point is 4 x cheaper but technology man, we can fly a drone with our phones! Make a smaller Lav pack.

  6. JSS

    Emm are you going to do a review on this when it comes out? Not a bad price point on B&H. I can imagine if there was a demand they would put out an XLR Phantom power version.

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