RGB Color Changing LED Flood Light

A short while back, I showed an example of how to use RGB Color Changing LED lights to add a splash of color to your backdrop (found here). It's a bit of a DIY, but supposedly you can choose 16 million colors as a backsplash controlled wirelessly by your iPhone.

If you're looking for something much easier, YouTube member TaylordFilms shares another option by use of this Waterproof outdoor RGB LED Flood Light. [Thanks Steve]

These durable outdoor flood lights are available in various sizes. The one shown in the video is a smaller 20 watt model found for under $40 dollars, but if you need more light output, you can also find a 50 watt version via Amazon (click here).

LED Outdoor Flood Light Color Change RGB LEDRGB LED Color LightColor Changing Outdoor Flood LED
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3 thoughts on “RGB Color Changing LED Flood Light

  1. nyvz

    Watch out for flickering on these. Most inexpensive RGB LED controllers dim using PWM at 50hz (pro LEDs usually use much higher pulse width modulation frequencies). Chances are you will get flicker or roll-bars in any footage shot with these lights at shutter speeds other than 1/50th sec.

  2. Ron

    I tried quite a few brands of "non specific video" LED lights. Some good, some not so good. The LED flood lights can give an amazing amount of light. The issues may range from strong banding to a strange color cast - which includes outer rim color due to the casing. Be careful.

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