Review: Laing X-15 Vest Arm kit with Laing P-04 Video Stabilizer

Here's a little review on another new and affordable Stabilizer Vest System for lightweight camera setups to medium sized cameras. This is the Came / Laing X-15 Vest+Arm matched up with the Laing P-04 Hand Held Stabilizer.

The Laing products have been around for quite some time, and I hear about RED Camera operators using the larger Laing stabilizers as an affordable option for flying heavy camera systems. The kit I have here is pretty heavy duty, each part feels very solid, and the entire bundle comes with a nice padded carrying bag.

Laing-Came-Carry-Bag Laing-Vest-Arm-Kit-X-15-P04

The Laing P-04 Stabilizer handle matches up perfectly with the small post on the X-15 ISO Arm. If you're thinking about trying to match this up with a Glidecam, just be aware that the standard rotating post is pretty short. The bottom weights can shift forward/back on the sled, the bottom post is adjustable, and the Gimbal can be positioned vertically along the post. It's pretty much got every adjustable feature available.

Laing-Stabilizer-Vest Laing-Gimbal-Adjustment-Balance

The top stage has a quick release cheese plate and features all the fine tuning knobs you'll need to balance your camera. Just be aware that the top stage may require a bit of cork to keep your camera from shifting it's position.

Lower-Sled-Laing-P04 Laing-P04-Top-Stage

The Laing Stabilizer Vest can be adjusted to fit taller or smaller frames, and the Arm is mounted to a quick release socket block. Velcro straps adjust the vest very nicely and buckles are used to climb in and out of the vest.

Laing-Socket-Block Adjsting-Laing-X-15-P-04-BlackMagic

The X-15 ISO Arm can easily be dialed to support an even lighter setup than my Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 20mm lens, but can also be dialed up to support heavier camera setups than the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. Hopefully that gives you a general idea of the weight range it supports to see if it will work with your current equipment.

Laing-Canon-5D-BMCC-BlackMagic-Stabilizer Vest BMCC-Cage-BlackMagic Design Laing X-15 Stabilizer Vest Kit Review Video Sample

I can say for DSLR Video Shooters or even BlackMagic Cinema Camera shooters this vest is good. Actually for the price you could consider it to be very very good. Is it as good as the real Steadicam brand? Well, with my lightweight DSLR camera setup I felt the arm wasn't totally as smooth as my Steadicam Merlin ISO Arm, but results were much better once I mounted a heavier camera system like the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. On it's own, the Laing P-04 Stabilizer works excellent, but it seems adding a bit more weight to the X-15 Arm and Vest will yield better performance from the arm.

For more information about the Laing X-15 Vest Arm and P-04 Hand Held Video Stabilizer System, you can find more details on the following eBay product pages (click here).

Came-Laing-X-15 VestLaing X-15 Arm VestVest-Stabilizer-Laing-X15-P-04
find-price-button Laing X-15 Vest w/ Laing P-04 Hand Held Stabilizer

Laing P-04 Stabilizers available now on eBay

78 thoughts on “Review: Laing X-15 Vest Arm kit with Laing P-04 Video Stabilizer

  1. Kyo

    What's the difference between the M30p and M30s vest? There's auction that have both come with the X-15 arm... One seems to have red rings and the other one is plain...

  2. Hey Emm I bought this kit based on your review for my 5D MKIII. It's all working well the only problem I have is the two arms of the spring arm clash with each other quite a bit. Any experience with this or advice on how I might remedy it? I'm not an experienced steadicam guy so apologies if this is obvious! Newbie! Thanks for any help.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Jiri K. - Anything is possible =), but there's nothing off-the-shelf to do this. As far as I know, you would have to craft your own adapter to replace the post. If you know of a machine shop, they could probably do this for you.

  4. Jiri K.


    is it possible to combine this arm and vest with Glidecam HD4000 (HD2000 etc) like you can with Steadicam Merlin Arm&Vest? I mean to replace the original connecting socket with some reduction.


  5. Emm

    Post author

    @J&T Photo Paris - The Wieldy should be able to support your setup. The Wieldy is lighter than the X15, but both of these vests do not work directly with the Glidecam. You'd have to be clever to mod it to work, I myself have not even done so. Since the price has dropped on the Steadicam, maybe look into another one? Or contact Tiffen and see if they can send just that part.

  6. Hi Emm ! My merlin vest broke just like yours... err... but I didn't use it quite as much, actually, a friend borrowed it couple of days and broke it. But I never liked the vest itself anyway, so whatever... would there be a way to adapt an other vest and keep the arm ?
    I think it might be complicated and the Wiedly seems pretty good, I'm tempted to try this + the P-04 that seems really awesome... look so much easier and precise to balance than the HD-4000 ! The only downside is that I travel a lot, and as you said you can't disassemble it... much harder to pack.
    I love how the X-15 Vest pack, is it more compact than the wiedly ? the wiedly is leighter right ?
    I'm flying with a D800 + fixed lenses or 14-24 for now, but I'm thinking of adding a monitor sometimes... do you think the wiedly would be able to support all of this ?

    A lot of question I know, sorry about that !

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Mason - The Laing is a better stabilizer than the Flycam stabilizers. Better build quality but also easier to fine tune balance.

  8. Mason

    Hey Emm, how do you like the Laing compared to your Flycam setup? Do you find the Laing flies better?

  9. RickS

    Will this vest work with one of the new mini stabilizers like the Laing Mini H3 or Came H4? I'm wondering if the stabilizer handle hole diameter and vest pin diameter are the same, and if these mini stabilizers are heavy enough to work properly with the vest.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @kris - If you're flying a BMCC, yes I think the Laing setup is better build quality than the Wieldy. If you're going with a light camera setup, the Wieldy handles lighter setups better.

  11. kris

    Hey Emm,

    For flying a BMCC would you suggest getting the Laing P-04 over the Wieldy?
    I'm looking into getting a stabiliser, and although the P-04 and the Wieldy are quite old models, on the cheap side of stabilisers there seem to be no better options.

  12. Jaime

    Thanks for the fast respond I wasn't expecting that. I just have the 5d mrk II and the 28-135mm lens for right now until my other lens gets here.. I'm in stationed in Germany so this things take for ever to get delivered here sometimes. So my question now is do they not sell the one that is for the not upgraded one?

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Jaime - Be careful about these vests. The one that supports a monitor is 'upgraded' for heavier loads. This means you must always use a heavy load when working with the vest. You can't just fly a basic camera and lens setup. As i've always mentioned, the hardest part is finding a vest to fly lightweight camera systems. Most vests require a 'minimum' amount of weight which makes the whole system harder to travel with and setup. I'm not sure what your camera setup is, but if you go for the heavier system, you must always use a heavy setup.

  14. Jaime

    Emm, thank you so much for all your info. I just got the laing p4 the one without the mount for the monitor and now I am thinking to invest in the vest +arm system. I have seen tho one on eBay

    Is this the one I needed to fly a 5d mark II or do I just buy the whole vest+arm+laing p4 kit one

    I am so sorry I'm confused and if you can please help me out with this. I am a soldier stationed in Germany so I m very new to this. Thank you in advance

  15. knsfj

    @huy - I got same problem, the springs are way too tight.
    i bought upgraded which allows us to put monitor and battery. i guess putting monitor and battery wont solve the problem.

    Emm if you have any tips please let us know


  16. Emm

    Post author

    @huy - My stabilizer has a carbon post, and the arms I have can move under lightweight, but they did perform better with added weight. Do you have a photo of your setup? Is it the same? Also, is there a way you can weigh your C100 setup?

  17. huy

    I just got mine too and I'm scratching my head over a few points.

    1. The title of the P-04 says "carbon fiber" but mine definitely doesn't look like carbon fiber.

    2.The springs are oh SO tight, even for a C100 with 16-35 2.8 lens and mic.

    I'm surprised to see that in your video, while flying the small DSLR, that the Laing arms were floating horizontally.

    Any thoughts or tips?


  18. Emm

    Post author

    @ahvs - Congrats on the new stabilizer system. Even if it came with the best of instructions, it takes weeks to months of practice to get really good with stabilizers, so don't get discouraged.

  19. Emm,
    FWIW, My Laing x-15/P-04 package (stabilizer, arm, and vest) arrived today...MUCH sooner than I expected. I ordered it on Nov. 6, and it arrived at my home in the metro NYC area on Nov. 20.
    I went over it with a fine-toothed comb as I unboxed it, (cheesy video to be posted in the next few days), and except for a couple of scratches on the arm, it strikes me as pretty well-made for the price.

    My cameras include a Panny HMC-150 and HVX-200. I'll probably start with the HMC-150, once I figure out how to set all the arm and stabilizer adjustments to work together.
    Never having used one of these, and because absolutely no instructions were included, I suspect I have a sharp learning curve ahead. Wish me luck.

    Thanks again for your review and pointers.

  20. huy

    I was about to buy the Laing package, but I would also like to know more about this new mystery system. Can't wait.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Funkbot - Ok, I'll try to show a little bit of it today with a BMCC on it. It's a really great system, but i'm just not happy that it can't fly light weight camera systems like a GH3. I'll try to show some of it later today.

  22. Funkbot

    Hello Emm,

    I am considering purchasing the Laing X-15 Vest Arm kit with Laing P-04 Video Stabilizer, but wanted to know if you thought that I should wait to see your review of the stabilizer system that you mentioned in post #49 of this thread? If it is within $200 of the complete Laing stabilizer system and better, I would like to wait for your review. If this is the case, do you have an ETA on that review?


  23. Knsfj

    I got Laing p-04 upgraded a month ago. The springs are too tight. The camera is over my head. I contacted seller regarding the spring being to tight, after watching your review video.They advised me I need put monitor and battery which will make the bottom heavy. I think my springs are too way strong and is for heavy cameras.
    But when I saw your video your spring for arm looks fine it's not that tight.
    I use canon 5d mark iii with sigma 24-70.
    Hope if I can get the springs change to lighter ones.

  24. Well, FWIW, I ordered the Laing package today: stabilizer, vest, and dual arm. Hoping it arrives in time to practice using it before the Dec. shoot.

    Although there is one question I haven't had answered; maybe you can help:
    Q: the unit is listed as being able to handle 1 to 10 kg.
    Does that include the total weight, i.e the sum of the weight of the camera, monitor, and whatever counterweights might be necessary?

  25. Thanks for the quick response. With that in mind, and presuming I go with the Laing vest, can you suggest which arm and stabilizer might be the most appropriate for the cameras/weights I mention, i.e. Panasonic HMC-150 @ 4.3 lbs. +/- , and the Panasonic HVX-200 @ 5.2 lbs. +/-, both with an external 7" Marshall monitor?

  26. The shoot I need it for is scheduled for Dec 8, so I'd need it about a week prior to that in order to learn set-up and use. I've never flown a camera before, but don't want to be limited to a shoulder-only mount, as I know I could use a vest/arm/stabilizer on other jobs.
    Is the new vest, by any chance, a competitor to the soon-to-be-released, re-vamped Steadicam 'Exovest'?

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @ahvs - Funny you ask. I just got a vest in that I will be testing out soon, but i'm not sure when you'll need the system by? This vest might be a few weeks out before it's released. I can tell you it's a carbon fiber post, designed to take a monitor at the sled, and has an HDMI cable run through the post. It's a complete vest system.

  28. Thanks for the review. I shoot mostly from a tripod, but will soon be working on a documentary for which I'll need to record people who are suffering from physical disabilities, following them around their home or apartment for a few hours. For that, I'll be using either a Panasonic HMC-150 (4.3 lbs w/battery) or Panasonic HVX-200 (5.2 lbs).
    The Laing vest looks like what I might want, but not sure about which arm and stabilizer for the weight of the cameras I'll be using. I would also like the ability to add a 7" monitor. I'd prefer something I DON'T have to mod.
    Given those parameters, and based on your experience, which arm and stabilizer do you think would best meet my needs?

  29. belda

    thanks for your quick response.
    I know thar wieldy and laing don´t fit with glidecam but I found a site where I can order some custom parts to fit. so i suppose wieldy and laing will work properly with glidecam.
    I have a 550d and I usually add extra weight to the camera for work better with the 4000. do you think that with this weight, laing arm work well or is too light?

  30. Emm

    Post author

    @belda - The Glidecam will not fit perfectly on the Wieldy or Laing vests, because the handle is a different size.

    Both the P-04 and Wieldy can be operated hand held, but I think the Laing is better quality than the Wieldy.

  31. belda

    Hello Emm

    Sorry for my English, I hope you understand.
    I have a Glidecam 4000 and arm braze but it´s too heavy for use only with the hand. the question is that I want to buy a vest and I'm torn between the wieldy II or laing m30 but looking prices for a little more I can get the complete kit with the stabilizer too. My idea is to use the wieldy or Laing vest with 4000 and the 4000 arm brace with the stabilizer wieldy or laing to be lighter and be able to use at times when I don´t want to wear the vest. I know a place where make adapters for this.
    So, having these options, what would you recommend me?
    buy wieldy vest and arm II with steadycam I (because is lighter to use with the hand than steadycam II)
    Buy the whole kit laing (with the Glidecam 4000 maybe works better because it´s heavier)
    or do a combo between the vest and arm wieldy II and the laing p-04? for use between them or with 4000
    I do not mind paying a little more if the combination can be better mixing the best of each brand.


  32. Emm

    Post author

    @Jack - Yes, the Laing P-04 stabilizer in fact it fits perfectly in my first gen Wieldy Vest as if they were made for each other.

  33. Jack

    Hey Emm, I was wondering if the Laing P-04 Stabilizer would fit into a WIELDY vest and arm? I wanted to get the Laing P-04 or P-03 stabilizer and then possibly purchase a vest and arm at a later date if necessary but I don't see Laing selling their vests and arms separate, so would the WIELDY kit work with the Laing stabilizers?

  34. Emm

    Post author

    @julien - I have not used the Leopard II vest personally, but one of the things I have to remind people about is that some of these vests require a good amount of weight to work properly.

    Not sure if that's the same issue for you. In this video, these guys added an extra 10 pounds to their Wondlan IV system with an FS700 just to get the vest to respond properly. httpss://

  35. julien

    Hi Emm, Some friends bought a Wondlan leopard II with dual arm stabilizer to fly with the BMCC. I own a Glidecam HD2000 which i fly pretty good with no arm or vest on my 7D. They asked me to test out the wondlan. I balanced it well and in put on the vest and arm and try it... But i can't get it right.... When i take the stabilizer alone and fly it i can do normal steady shot walking around etc. But the minute i try with vest and arm it's swaying a lot... i don't know what i'm doing wrong. I find it wierd that the post does not rotate so it doesn't move well , i see that the laing post in on bearing. i have been practicing for two years now with my glidecam but i'm new to arm and vest so maybe i do it wrong...

  36. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt - It is very simple. Just unscrew the mount and flip it over. This can be done fairly quickly.

  37. Matt

    Hi there, can the arm be mounted left or right? - if so is it a difficult process to change over? Thanks for your great reviews, much appreciated!

  38. Emm

    Post author

    @Cody - It cannot be disassembled. That means it might not be as nice when trying to pack small, but I like the fixed design because the system won't easily be thrown off balance when moving from location to location. My Glidecam would always shift the sled position when I threw it in the trunk of my car.

  39. Hey Emm!

    I love how the glidecam top and bottom parts can just unscrew leaving you with 3 individual pieces for compact traveling: The post, camera stage, and weight stage.

    Does the Laing come apart like that? Do you have to unscrew anything to do that, if so, how many screws? Is it easy?

    I have a wieldy and only the bottom weight stage can come off "easily" by removing 4 small allen head screws... needless to say, I'm not a fan of that. I like getting my stabilizer to fit in a camera backpack.

    Thanks! Can't wait to hear your response!

  40. Emm

    Post author

    @Pendergast - Yes these are indeed very subjective questions about what lenses would be good, but of all the lenses I use the Rokinon 35mm and Rokinon 85mm are used most often. You have to back away from the subject a bit, but that's how you get the most amount of 'shallow depth of field' look from these smaller sensors.

  41. Pendergast

    Ok, I can't help it. Just a last few quick questions... On the Rokinon lens which would you look to for a work-horse, all purpose lens (if you could only afford one)?

    The 24mm seems to be the best quality and aperture and it is fairly close to a 'nifty-fifty' with the crop factor.

    However the 14mm is cheaper and close to a 35mm with crop.

    Maybe switch the Rokinon 35mm I asked about to an 8mm given the crop?

    Would you purchase the Tokina and one Rokinon OR would you purchase all Rokinon and rent a Tokina?

    I know these are very subjective questions, and the shoot will have a broad range of shots, but I would greatly appreciate your option... Thanks again in advance!

  42. Pendergast


    I really can not thank you enough for the quick response and as always you nailed the answers! I was talking about the BMCC not the BMPCC as you suspected, however I honestly had not made that decision until reading all your reviews.

    I had a feeling that would be the answer with the Merlin but it feels really good to know for sure. As for the 'cine' lens answer I had no clue it would be the exact same picture quality. Though de-clicking aperture is usually a great thing to have with video, you are absolutely right that on a limited budget, it probably doesn't make much sense- nor is it necessary in my situation. Also thanks for the additional lens names to assist my search!

    I do love and I have been looking at just renting the pocket camera when it is available for the second camera on my Jan shoot. Resolve made the BMCC worth it but the BMPCC is still very appealing as a second or even third camera. I believe we will be renting a number of specialty items we can't afford at this time, but I wanted to make sure I purchased at least one solid lens that best suits my new BMCC.

    Again, thank you very much! The service you provide is truly beyond useful to me and so many other young film makers / photographers who research endlessly before wasting their hard earned and limited dollars.

    I am sure I will post more here and there, however we honestly will give you a special thanks credit and send you a copy of the short film before it hits the festival circuit next year.

  43. Emm

    Post author

    @Pendergast - I assume you're talking about BMCC not BMPCC (pocket cinema), so scratch out the Merlin or any stabilizer smaller than the size of a Glidecam HD4000.

    The BMPCC is a heavy camera, I can't even fly it handheld comfortably. The Wieldy is about the size of the HD4000 so it will work, or even the new Laing P-04 with X-15 Vest will work also.

    For lenses the wider the better since the BMCC has more crop than an APS-C camera (i.e. 60D/7D/T5i). The Tokina is a really great lens for this.

    For the rest of your production, Rokinon lenses are pretty good, but you could save some extra cash if you don't go for the 'Cine' versions. If you don't really require the de-clicked aperture, markings on the side, and built in lens gear. The image is exactly the same. (Also check the other brand names Samyang, Bower, Walimex, Vivitar as they carry the same lenses just different brands and on sale at different times).

    Finally if you plan well, you could always rent specialty equipment instead of buying it. If you know you will only need it for a few shots, there is always You could rent a Tokina 11-16mm for an entire month for around $130 dollars instead of dishing out $600 bucks. Doesn't sound like much, but when you rent half a dozen lenses instead of buying half a dozen lenses you can afford the best tools instead of just settling for just ones you can afford to buy.

  44. Pendergast

    Oh I should have mentioned I am using the BMCC EF so all the lens options would be in Canon / EF format...


  45. Pendergast


    First I just wanted to start by saying thank you! I have been researching like crazy this month to make the best decisions possible for my upcoming short film using the BMCC and honestly your site provides the best insight available!

    I've narrowed it down and more or less know my ideal BMCC rig/set-up for my purposes. I know I will be using a BMCC on a Wieldy Vest and Arm but here is where I could use your help...

    I can't decide whether I should use a Steadicam Merlin stabilizer or a (larger/standard) Wieldy stabilizer... what are your thoughts for best results flying a BMCC?

    Also lens choice is very important as we have a limited independent budget and we can only afford a few options. I was hoping you could assist here as well. In your opinion what lens options, from the below listed, are best for a indie shoot 'flying' on the BMCC?

    Rokinon Cine Set with 14, 24 and 35mm lenses
    Tokina 11-16mm F2.8
    Sigma 8-16mm F4.5-5.6

    I could likely afford just the Rokinon set OR Tokina plus one Rokinon OR Sigma plus one Rokinon... I guess part of what I am asking is do you prefer a prime lens or a zoom lens when 'flying' on a vest/arm/stabilizer set-up?

    I really REALLY appreciate all the time and assistance you are willing to give here on Cheesycam and I am happy to add a special thanks to in our end credits.

    Again, thanks for everything and I look forward to hearing your valuable insight on these questions.


  46. gnarg


    Thanks so much for your advice. Your sight and links have been very helpful as I put my rig together. thanks for offering to try out a GH3 on a stabilizer. That will be very helpful to learn from.

  47. Emm

    Post author

    @gnarg - The GH3 doesn't need much of a stabilizer, but you will achieve best results with a heavy setup. On a slightly breezy or windy day, a heavy stabilizer will maintain a level horizon better and tend to sway less even if you are slightly off balance.

    The smaller stabilizers (like a merlin) are great to get rid of hand held shakiness but much more tricky to keep the horizon level. If you want convenience a small stabilizer like a Skyler or XCam will work, but if you want the best results, get a larger stabilizer and add some weight.

    I don't think i've ever shown my GH3 on a stabilizer, so I can try this out.

  48. gnarg

    thanks Em,

    What would you recommend then as a stabilizer (no vest) for a GH3 with just a prime lense? A different stabilizer altogether or just adding weight to one of these (Laing, Wieldy)? In a perfect world it would be nice to also be able to fly my 2.5 pound Panasonic HMC 40 also with the same unit but the GH3 is priority so if what you recommend would just balance properly with the GH3 that's most important for my needs and the guidance I most need.

  49. Emm

    Post author

    @john - The Merlin vest can fly the P-04, but i'm not sure if the Z-post will match up with the Laing P-04 handle.

  50. Emm

    Post author

    @gnarg - Both systems are too much for a lightweight GH3. You would end up having to add weight with the camera to make it work.

  51. Emm

    Post author

    @Nemo Scrilla - Yes, I think it could fly a 60D. I had about two counterweights on each side and the post was dropped down a bit. So there's still some room to play with there. Worst cast scenario, you can get a add a bit of weight to the the camera like I did in this video in order to fly a 60D on an HD4000 httpss://

    Here's what a 60D looks like flying with a Canon 10-22mm Lens httpss://

  52. Nemo Scrilla

    Emm do you think the the laing P04 fly a canon 60d, or is that too light of a load. I saw a review for the P03 that seemed more ideally suited for that smaller size load. I no longer see the p03 on ebay, only p04. Thanks.

  53. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave M. - I will check, but I think it might. They both have the smaller handles and a similar rotating post.

  54. Very keen to know what lift is required at the extremeties of this arm, for a range of loads. i.e. how iso-elastic is it? The way to measure this is to use pocket luggage digital scales when booming the arm up and down in increments of around 1/3 of the boom height. For anyone interested in compiling and sharing this data (or for any other arms), please see detailed methodology at or email me at [email protected]

  55. Emm

    Post author

    @john - Yes I can say the Steadicam Pilot is still much better, but whether paying an extra $2100.00 US dollars for a stabilizer is debatable depending on the person and the project.

  56. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter Hoang - Yeah i'll probably throw up BMCC footage later, but we had the camera set to RAW and was too lazy to color and render it out. I don't think it was necessary for the purpose of the video anyways, since I was jumping around and you can see the BMCC is perfectly balanced.

  57. Emm

    Post author

    @Tyrone A. - I was constantly tripping on rocks and dips in the ground, it wasn't easy. For me though the Wieldy worked better for a very lightweight system, but comparing the build quality, the Laing feels more solid.

  58. Emm

    Post author

    @Tyrone A - The post is shorter and thinner than a Glidecam Handle. You would have to mod the vest a bit.

  59. Tyrone A.

    The build quality of the vest and the stabilizer you say are better then the Weildy. What do you think about the Weildy does it hold the lightweight better then the Laing, for me the performance you got of the Weildy looked a bit better but its a little unfair to say that because you where on a bumpier area then when you did the Weildy shots.

  60. Emm

    Post author

    @Greg! - I find the vest to be a better build than my old Merlin Vest, but the arm is not as nice as the real Steadicam Arm. For less than a third of the price for a stabilizer + vest, it's hard to complain and still operates very well.

    There is no way anyone could run with a BMCC strictly hand held to get these types of results. Some type of Stabilizer + Vest definitely makes these types of shots easier to obtain.

  61. Emm

    Post author

    @Adam - They are the same, one is a modified version that comes with a monitor attachment on the lower sled. I'm guessing the extra weight on the sled might be too heavy for a small camera to counterbalance so it can't fly a lighter 'minimum' amount of weight.

  62. Adam

    So I'm seeing a few listings for this combo:
    1-8kg Load Steadycam LAING Steadicam Carbon Fiber Stabilizer + Vest + Sled
    which looks like it comes with the X15 and a stabilizer which isn't names in the listing, but looks exactly like the one mentioned in this video.

    The other one is:
    2-10kg load LAING UPGRADED P-04 Steadicam Carbon Fiber Stabilizers Monitor
    Which names the P-04 stabilizer by name, but also seems to be a wider base and includes an LCD monitor attachment.

    Are they the same, and does the second one just come with more options (despite the minor price difference)? I know the second listing says 2-10kg while the first says 1-8kg but if using the same vest and arm, shouldn't they both be able to handle the same weight?

    I am interested in buying for my 7D rig. Thanks!

  63. Greg!

    I love that brand name "CAME" ha ha. There's some current discussion on the red forums on who actually owns the design, Came or Liang, or if they're both third party distributors. For the most part I've seen people fly with these and they work well for its price with some small modifications. Even though its called an "ISO" arm, I don't think it has the iso elasticity Steadicam arms have but that shouldn't be a problem except for the dedicated steadicam users.

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