Remote KY-010 160 LED On Camera Video Light

160 LED video light

This new KY-010 160 LED Video Light is powered via 6 AA batteries or a Single Sony battery. The light comes with barn doors and a couple of colored plastic filters, but the interesting feature is the included wireless remote control that lets you adjust brightness from a distance. Could be handy to adjust a boomed hair light / rim light. I'm curious if you can adjust channels within the remote to support several individual lights. Check out the new KY-010 KE Ying 160 LED video light on eBay (Click Here).

Ke Ying Keying 160 LED Video light160 Ke Ying LED Video Light Wireless Remote
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3 thoughts on “Remote KY-010 160 LED On Camera Video Light

  1. This arrived quickly from china.
    It's built exactly like my YN160 and YN-160s, seems to be the same power output and it's much quicker to change power settings with this one.
    It has a weird 1-LED power indicator. Maybe it flashes when it's low, i'm not sure.
    Remote works well but i've not tested any longer than 15 feet, which was fine.

    Really recommended overall. Especially at it's low price.

  2. Dan Eckert

    if this remote works well, this is a major breakthrough for guys working solo in the bush at night doing time lapse.

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