Radian Pro Wireless HD Video Kits for HDMI Introductory Pricing

If you have a need for streaming HD Video wirelessly, the team over at Camera Motion Research want to send you a friendly reminder that the special introductory pricing for Radian Pro Kits will end on 11/20/13. The three Pro Packs now available provide even more value for customers who only need unicast (1 transmitter to 1 receiver) professional wireless HD Video with HDMI.


Product Specifications:
All Radians are uncompressed HD up to 1080P(60) with 10 bit 4:2:2, latency less than 2 msec., and LOS range over 300 ft. Plug in and Play, operation and battery operation for over 6 hours with Backbones and USB batteries. All Radians use Amimon professional quality chipsets which are NOT in the consumer versions, and include DFS channels which are not included in any of the consumer versions. The DFS channels provide a more robust wireless capability since there are fewer DFS channels in use to cause interference. Radian MC multicast sets can send to up to 4 receivers simultaneously.

Pro Pack #1
find-price-button Pro Pack #1 includes the Radian Pro transmitter and receiver parts, our TX and RX Backbone kits, and two batteries (Save an additional $50)

Pro Pack #2
find-price-button Pro Pack #2 includes the items in Pro Pack #1 and adds the case. (Save an additional $70)

Pro Pack #3
find-price-button Pro Pack #3 includes the items in Pro Pack #1 and adds the monitor yoke. (Save an additional $70)

11 thoughts on “Radian Pro Wireless HD Video Kits for HDMI Introductory Pricing

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Pops - Yes I can confirm this works with my BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera and some others have reported using this system with RED.

  2. Radians use Amimon professional chipsets, and the receivers have an additional antenna. The professional chipsets and firmware are more advanced, and must undergo much more extensive FCC testing because of the additional DFS channels they use.

    They have special quality checks at the factory, and at CMR they individually tested, including a range check, with serialized records kept.

    Radians can be used outdoors in full compliance with FCC rules.

    CMR provides full customer support for Radians which are covered by a 1 year warranty.

  3. Johnny

    I have been using the Nyrius, never had problem, and furthest distance was 50 ft without any signal lost. And for $150 that I paid for well worth it.

  4. Aric Sullivan

    Rich can you tell us the difference between the Radian and Nyrius and why we should choose the Radian. what is your warranty policy.

  5. StephenC

    I love the blackbird and CMR's service was excellent when i broke it. I have a Nyrius and a Paralynx shield and the shield was almost pointless. This Backbone seems to be a good solution with some versatility. does it fit other HDMI models like the Nyrius? There should definitely be a comparison vid.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Aric Sullivan - Camera Motion Research mentioned

    "All Radians are in full compliance with FCC regulations for outdoor use. It's stated on the website. (we take regulatory compliance very seriously)" - Camera Motion Research

  7. Aric Sullivan

    I tried the Nyrius and i can say you pay more so you can go more than 40ft away from the camera. Its not even in the worth the $250 if you need distance

  8. Aric Sullivan

    This is interesting my company bought a Paralinx arrow early on and when going through there instruction manual It said twice it was for INDOOR! use only. But the website never mentions it. Is the Radian the same way? The price is significantly better if we can use it outside. Someone should do a comparison and see which is better. Especially for the price difference

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