Quick Tip: Organizing and Managing Rechargeable Batteries

Do you have a pile of rechargeable batteries? As simple as this tip is, I find it incredibly useful for managing my rechargeable batteries. One problem I have is 'how to quickly determine' the amount of charge is left on a pile of batteries I have thrown together. Normally before I work on a project, I find myself just throwing them on the chargers overnight. This is a waste of time, wasted energy, and also uses up the cycles on your batteries. By organizing them in cases, and adding a quick sheet of two sided colored paper, now I'm feeling a lot more organized and can manage my batteries better.

These rechargeable batteries I have should hold an 85% charge even after sitting on the shelf for one full year. Now once they are charged up, I can place them on the shelf and pick them out as needed. When we're out in the field, it's easy to determine which is charged and which needs to be charged when we return. If you want to add a piece of colored paper to , you can just cut an index card and use colored markers.

These AA / AAA / 9V Battery cases were provide courtesy of AspenMics.com (found here).

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14 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Organizing and Managing Rechargeable Batteries

  1. Ry Dizzle

    +1 on MindofMarcos. I do the same thing only I didnt think to actually write the words on the case. Duh. The one thing is the lock is a little annoying and I question the durability (of the hinge and lock) in the long run. But then again I have been using mine for about a year and no problems. You can get these at Frys for $1 ea. They have AA & AAA cases in the battery section. The brand I have are Tenergy.

    I don't like the idea of carrying extra empty cases. The bag idea sounds good but I would think the shiftng batteries might open the bag in certain situations.

  2. Peter Bosch

    I like the idea of MindofMarcos very much. When I combine it with the color method, I will mark the top of the case green and the bottom red.

  3. OldCorpse

    I guess it depends on the circumstances. To me it's no biggie to have extra containers, unless space is at a super premium, which doesn't happen often that I can think of - I mean this is not like carrying an extra light, or camera, it's some pretty small boxes. The tradeoff is - extra containers vs fiddly papers. When I'm rushed, I prefer extra containers instead of devoting mental energy to keep track of labels - with a box, I just see it and that's it. Of course, if you are severely space limited for some reason, I can see how you'd prefer to carry labels around and switch them about since they'd take less space than extra containers.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @OldCorpse - So portable LED lights burn through batteries throughout the day. So if I have 10 packs of batteries, you're saying I should carry 10 extra empty packs to file them away after its been used? Seems strange when I can just out them back in the same case.

  5. Stephen S.

    A high-quality pulse-load battery tester is worth its weight in gold. Especially when you have devices that take multiple batteries, it's very helpful to know that only one of your alkaline or NiMH batteries is dead and the rest in the set are good. I've had a ZTS Mini that has served me well for years. And no, a cheap voltage tester isn't good enough. You need something that tests the batteries under load.


  6. OldCorpse

    Hmm. The label thing is uber-fiddly. No bueno. Instead, I personally simply have differently colored containers - one color for used and one color for fully charged. Seems much simpler that way - you can tell at a glance which is which, and you don't have to fiddle with pieces of paper and labels that get lost or keep track of anything. Strange post, Em 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing - this is a great tip for people with loads of batteries - especially if you're on a longer shoot and are trying to juggle used and charged batteries on the fly.

    I use these exact cases too but have a slightly different method to keep track of charge which is that I write 'Charged' and 'Dead' at the top and bottom of the case in permanent marker (on the inside so it doesn't rub off in the bag) and then when I put the batteries in the case, I point the positive terminal of the battery towards whichever of these label is correct. This way I can still keep track of charge level when only two batteries in the case have been used but two are still OK.

    Hope this helps!

  8. krys

    i just use pouches instead of solid containers. sometimes i carry a lot of aa&aaa batteries, so pouches are flexible and can adapt to any bag/space.

  9. Rob S.

    I use the Powerpax holders, too, and they work pretty well. Now if somebody would come up with a box that would fit those big Sony type camera batteries, I could really use those.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Donald - Thanks, case looks good. A bit too long to put in my pocket though. Sometimes when i'm running around on a project I carry stuff with me.

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