QR Top Handle for BlackMagic Cinema 4K Scarlet Epic

Here's an interesting new Quick Release Top Handle that uses a slotted mount to fit a variety of cameras including the BlackMagic Design Cinema, or 4K Production cameras, RED Scarlet, and EPIC. The Quick Release handle can be removed by sliding it off the sides by depressing the safety pins.

The QR Top Handle uses a leather design, and can be adjusted left/right along the rail for perfect center of balance on many different rigs. It's not cheap, but it's a very flexible design that can be used across many different cameras and rigs. It basically just requires a flat surface with 1/4 threads regardless of where the threaded holes lineup.

If you're thinking what i'm thinking, this also means it can be mounted to fit a variety of different DSLR Camera Cages. Check it out at (found here).

Scarlet BlackMagic Epic RED Top Handle QR-Handle-V3-multi-purpose-top-handle-blackTop handle BlackMagic Cinema Scarlet EpicQR-Handle-V3-multi-purpose-top-handle-black_01
find-price-button QR Top Handle for BlackMagic Design Cinema or 4K, RED Scarlet, EPIC, Cages


6 thoughts on “QR Top Handle for BlackMagic Cinema 4K Scarlet Epic

  1. Herb

    I've done a little research into it because of how pricey the $250 Wooden Camera and the $199 Zacuto are. Seems like it could be done.

    I searched YouTube for videos that showed Picatinny accessories sliding up and down the rail. Never really saw anything definitive.

    I couldn't figure out two things:

    1. The quick release portion. The picatinny accessory mounts. I couldn't determine if their clamps opened wider than the rail. If so, that'd be dangerous for a handle. Another mount issue appeared to be the quality of the machining.

    2. The rail itself is kinda low / squat. Looking at all three camera rails, you see they are taller which allows for easier thumbscrew access. Plus it seems like it would make sliding (when desired) easier.

    At $96 delivered, I thought I'd go for something that looks well made. I have their regular rod mount handles and think they are really good:

  2. pete

    Since the screws can slide along the slot - I would imagine this would fit the gearbox.

  3. Ant

    At $150 cheaper than the Wooden Camera handle this is copying, these are going to be popular. Great price. The Ikan handle is $10 more and looks rubbish compared to this.

  4. Hi Emm!

    Could u please confirm if this fits to the P&C Gearbox? I've been looking for top handle to it but haven't found any good one. Maybe this could be the one?

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