Preorder the BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema 4K Camera

Undoubtedly one of the hottest topics at NAB2018, Blackmagic Design has finally released a new version of the Pocket Cinema Camera. It's a significant size different when compared to to the original, but it solves many of the issues of the previous design. The body now offers external buttons and dials that give you fast access to the most important functions. 13 stops of Dynamic Range and better low light performance with it's dual native ISO up to 25,600. 4K up to 60 frames RAW, and 120fps in HD (windowed).

Images capture on the new Pocket Cinema 4K camera can be recorded to SDXC, CFast 2.0, or for longer recording times, you can also record directly to an external SSD or flash disk using the built in USB-C Expansion Port. 5 inch touchscreen makes it easy to frame shots, focus accurately and change camera settings. Built-in microphones, mini XLR input with Phantom Power, full sized HDMI, 3D LUT support. BTW, not only can you install a LUT for monitoring, but you have the option to 'bake in' a LUT during your recording.

Although i'm not a fan that they chose to use a Canon LP-E6 battery, the USB-C Expansion Port accepts power so you can charge the battery from portable battery packs, a mobile phone charger or even your laptop computer. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K includes a full version of DaVinci Resolve Studio ($299 value), which is a complete post production solution.

I don't see it being a replacement of my Panasonic GH5 or GH5s, but there is no doubt in my mind this camera will literally fly off the shelves. The original BMD 1080p Pocket Cinema (seen here) is still being used today. The new 4K Pocket Cinema camera is ridiculously inexpensive for the features and quality it offers. Preorders are available for the new Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

8 thoughts on “Preorder the BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema 4K Camera

  1. Post author

    @Jacob - Typically very popular cameras (and other products) will be out of stock for a number of months. So if you're interested in getting your hands on it early, it's suggested to pre-order. Often times many people who know the cameras are hot items will pre-order a bunch, and when you check eBay they sell for hundreds over MSRP cashing in on the demand. If I have a feeling a camera will be popular, I always pre-order it. Then at least you have the option of returning it if you don't want it, or selling it..

  2. Jacob

    Are there any reasons to preorder this camera? I mean, is it cheaper now, or something?

  3. Post author

    @Kim W - My guess is there will be a breakout cable for the mini XLR. So it's possible to have at least (2) inputs for Left and Right. Atomos uses a similar mini-XLR connection with a breakout cable too: httpss://

  4. Post author

    @Andrew Badillo - I know a lot of people have Canon LP-E6 batteries, but they don't last very long. Even monitor companies are getting away from using Canon LP-E6 batts. I feel they could have used something else with higher capacity for longer run times.

  5. Andrew Badillo

    @cheesycam I was wondering why you don't like the choice to go with Canon Batts? My understanding is that the original PCC had awful batteries, and just about everyone has some LP 6's lying around. Would you rather they did a new design or use a different brand of battery?

    Thanks for all your articles!

  6. Post author

    @Chris Knight - You're awesome! I'm excited to see how these match up with my Ursa Mini Pro cameras. The menu is very similar.

  7. Chris Knight

    Pre-ordered mine (through your site's link to Adorama, hope you get a %.) Yes this is an amazing camera, was pondering the GH5s but this sounds like a much more logical option for me (with my collection of M43 lenses and adapters.)

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