Polaroid Wireless Motorized Pan Tilt For SLR

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Here's an interesting product that was linked to from Venga. The idea was to use it on the Pico Flex Dolly. What you see above is an inexpensive motorized Pan / Tilt head with wireless remote. Previous popular inexpensive motorized pan heads were from Bescor, but this is a new version from Polaroid which says it's designed to support a full SLR camera up to 7lbs. That's quite a bit. It looks like it's using infrared for it's wireless remote, but says it comes with a 20ft sensor cord + another 20ft extension cord, so no worries about line of sight. Can be powered with (5) AA batteries or DC in. Could be a fun addition to some DIY projects out there. Anyone try this out yet? I'm thinking GoPro HD camera, or maybe my Sony HX9V mounted outside a car with controlled pan / tilt...



  • Panning Angle - 120 Degrees
  • Pan Speed - 6 Degrees Per Second
  • Tilt Angle - 30 Degrees
  • Tilt Speed - 4 Degrees Per Second
  • Maximum Load - 7 lbs
  • Power Sources - Remote= 1 CR2032, Head= 5 AA or DC Converter
  • Remote Transmitter Distance - 30'
  • Remote Sensor Cable - 20ft
  • Remote Sensor Extension Cable - 20ft
  • While the Bescor Motorized heads ran over $130-200 dollars, these Polaroid Motorized heads are listing for about $94 dollars on eBay (check prices here).

    Over on Amazon, the same Polaroid motorized Pan / Tilt head for SLR cameras runs just over $64 dollars and ships free for Prime members.


    find-price-button Polaroid Automatic Motorized Pan Head With Wireless Remote Control For SLR Cameras & Camcorders

    [Update] Thanks to Steven for writing in. There may be an even cheaper price, but only a few in stock (Click Here)
    for Polaroid Wireless Motorized Pan Tilt Head


    19 thoughts on “Polaroid Wireless Motorized Pan Tilt For SLR

    1. Roger

      DONT BUY IT. I got one but it did not work. All customers that got one said the same thing, IT WONT WORK. Don't waste money on chines products, it toxic or broken.

    2. Cristian Rusu

      They say you get what you pay for, in amazon.co.uk, anyone have good experience with it?

    3. I had to return this immediately after testing it out. You get what you pay for, no doubt, but the head couldn't even support the weight of my 5D Mark II with a 16-35mm lens. It would continually shake and wobble while trying to pan and/or tilt, which really won't work for anything.

      Save your money unless you want to mount a GoPro to this. Clearly not for the DSLRs as advertised on Amazon.

    4. It would be cool if you could set a pan amount, even without that feature this would be cool for gigapan style panoramic photos.

    5. Emm

      Post author

      @Venga - I don't know if it will block the ports. Haven't seen the Polaroid yet. For motion controlled systems, I don't know of any wireless vertical sliders that are very cheap.

    6. Venga

      @Emm - glad you found the product interesting! Based on some of these comments, and the negative Amazon review (albeit only 1 person), I'm leaning towards the Bescor. But do you know if that would fit on the Pico Dolly without blocking the accessory holes? Also, do you (or anyone else out there) know of any affordable wireless methods of raising/lowering a DSLR that would work on the Pico Dolly (I guess like a really small wireless vertical slider)? I know it's asking (dreaming) a lot, but it would be so great to have an affordable, fully wireless Pico Dolly-pan/tilt-vertical slider system!

    7. Aaron

      This looks really good for the price. Too bad it doesn't have a timer; otherwise, it would be great for time lapse!

    8. itsjohnny2

      Looks like IR Control. Will this have issues using it outdoors when the sun is out like Canon Flash Master/Slave function?

    9. You get what you pay for with motorized PTZ devices. I have the Bescor and I have used the cheap ones as well as pro rigs.
      Varizoom probably has the best on the market - at a few grand!
      The Bescor has severely limited tilt range, this one looks even worse.
      The "variable" speed on the Bescor is still too slow for anything dramatic, but it does do some nice smooth motion and has a little slider for speed. The "joystick" is 5 pin DIN and fairly easily hacked - I've been trying to figure out how to tie it to RS-485 or MIDI or DMX or something. Doesn't hold a candle to real PTZ cameras or any of the pro stuff.

    10. lolicht

      look like it's not possible to adjust speed with the polaroid ...
      the Bescor has far more options ... there's even a modified version on sale
      at Hague (UK) that can pan 360° ! and they have a joystick remote control panel ...

    11. Wait, this is dirt cheap. So does this mean I can hook this up to my 6ft glideshot jib and now have a motorized, controllable tilt jib? ka-ching!

      How smooth is this thing?

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