Personal Tweaks to the Cinevate Duzi Carbon Video Slider

From what i'm hearing there are many people out there using this portable video slider. In this video, i'm sharing a little tip on how i've personalized the Cinevate Duzi Carbon Video Slider by adding rubber o-rings.

The Cinevate Duzi slider is near silent as it cruises along the carbon rails, but as it reaches the end, the wheels touch the end blocks. By adding simple rubber o-rings, i'm able to get it right to the ends without making a sound. The o-rings also allow me to send end points along the slider if I need to ensure I stop at a certain point to get an object in sharp focus. Random yes, but hopefully it's helpful to the many Duzi slider owners out there.

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22 thoughts on “Personal Tweaks to the Cinevate Duzi Carbon Video Slider

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Stephen S - If you're saying you 'recently bought a Duzi" then you're probably using a Duzi V3 Slider. This article was posted about the very first Duzi which over time they have addressed all these issues. If you want to put a stopper over it, without taking anything apart, just pick up a set of cheap Bongo Ties.

  2. Stephen S.

    I recently bought a Duzi and I asked Cinevate: "In the Tuning the Duzi Slider video, Dennis says you "obsess over getting the spacing between the rails to a really high tolerance, usually around 1/1000th of an inch." I was thinking of removing the end blocks in order to add O rings that I can slide along the rails to create bump stops I can move wherever I like, as inspired by a video from Cheesycam. Will removing and reattaching the end blocks throw off the spacing of the rails that was done so precisely at the factory?"

    Dan from Cinevate replied: "Yes, removing the end blocks will definitely affect the spacing of the rails. We don't recommend it."

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel Sather - You're welcome. Once you've used the o-rings, you really can't use the Duzi without it.

  4. mark fraunhofer

    yeah, no chance you guys will be getting the old Duzi from B&H, I just picked up mine, the last one... it's now discontinued at B&H I guess they will have the v2 with the new higher price...

    this thing is soooooo smooth, I love it, yeah rubber washer or two will make the lock more usable, and I prefer to have the o-rings anyway over the soft stops on the v2, so I am happy, plus this one was at the old price.

  5. @John, any Duzi that you order from B&H at this point should get you a 2nd generation Duzi. If you're concerned about getting one over the other, I would suggest asking them before you place your order.

  6. John

    Hi Dan

    Do stores like b&h have the updated duzi or is there a chance I may get a version 1 if I order from them?

  7. @mark fraunhofer we're still using the same lock however, we've added a rubber base (essentially a washer)that makes it easier to lock it down. The result is also a more secure lock.

    @tobias ingels you are correct! Every Duzi that leaves here will be leaving with the new stoppers 🙂

  8. tobias ingels

    Hi Dan.

    Does this mean that people who have orders of the Duzi and are waiting for you to assembly them will automatically get the v.2 of the Duzi with the stoppers?

  9. mark fraunhofer

    @emm, thanks for the clarification! I meant pultruded actually, but if these guys are tough that's all that matters...

    @Dan, still no brake right?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Jakob - I don't think they offer the Duzi with longer rails, but technically I guess you could. They are 19mm (not 15mm) Carbon Rods. Longer rails may not perform as well though.

  11. So does this mean you can buy longer carbon rods and just extend the cinevate? If yes do you know available lengths and prices?
    It seems i have to sell my varavon as this slider is getting better and better

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @mark fraunhofer - It's solid Carbon, but not carbon fiber. I have a few of these Cinevate carbon rods from the Simplis Rig that are a few years old. I beat them up pretty good, and it will not splinter. There are no fibers.

  13. mark fraunhofer

    yeah sweet! One note, I'm pretty sure this is extruded carbon fiber rod, which means the ends of it are seriously fragile and if the end splinters you can kiss the rod goodbye... I once managed to kill a kite rod by squeezing too hard near the end with a clamp.

  14. Doc Hutch

    Wonder if this would be a better lens to carry around for video than my 24-105 seeing that most of the time I leave it on 24mm.

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